Jiangsu civil servants last year, 84743 yuan per person per month to get a monthly salary of 5500 (v face gossip

The civil servants of Jiangsu last year, the per capita wage of 84743 yuan per month with 5500 New Modern Express News (reporter Xiang Fenghua Xu Hongyan Xu Cen) as of 4 pm yesterday, the country take the success of online registration number has exceeded 1 million mark, the hottest jobs 7555:1, a new record high. Why can the candidates are complaining about the "travel frequently" "often work overtime" "drudgery" side is all for thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers? The heat of the test of the country continued to heat up what information? In this regard, the modern express reporter made a survey. 1, civil servants in the end how high? Newcomers get 5500 yuan a month to get the number of civil servants in the end? Modern Express reporter interviewed the provincial authorities and the Nanjing municipal authorities more than civil servants. "Each department, each post wages may not be the same. I just received a few days ago sent a salary message, about 5500 yuan." Just this year, admitted to a Jiangsu office work Xiaowen (a pseudonym), a master’s degree, "listen to the unit after a year of predecessors, positive, wages will not have too big change." Wen said that civil servants wages rose slowly, listening to a 10 year senior said, monthly salary of around 6000 yuan. 10 years of work, just come in with newcomers, the monthly income will be more than $500. Every more than 6 thousand months to get the hands of Ms. Lee in Nanjing, a bureau of work for the first time in 10 years, has been. She admitted that the hands of 6000 yuan salary. This year began to pay pension insurance, personal payment part of the deduction, wages are lower than before, and later was to make up for me, to ensure that does not reduce." In addition to wages, there are other income? Everyone is different, the end of the year there are 15 thousand to 20 thousand yuan assessment award, the other really did not." Lee said that the civil service did not pay overtime. Holidays, in accordance with the national standards of trade unions, not more than 1000 yuan a year, is a message of sympathy. One year more than 80 thousand." This is after tax wages, if it is pre tax, monthly salary should be around 9000 yuan. Such a calculation, the annual salary of more than 100 thousand." Last year, Nanjing organs and units per capita wages exceeded 100 thousand Modern Express reporter found, according to the "Nanjing Statistical Yearbook" and the "Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook" data in recent years, the annual average wage of employees in Nanjing and the province has been in a slight increase in institutions. Last year, the city of Nanjing, the annual salary of employees of the organs and units of 101194 yuan, the province’s employees per capita wage is $84743. It is noteworthy that, last year, the city of Nanjing at all levels of the annual wage per unit of office workers broke through 100 thousand yuan for the first time. Analysis: annual per capita wages should be paid, get so many modern express reporter did not understand, the annual wage of the statistical concept, the unit should be paid. It does not deduct personal income tax, housing provident fund, pension and health insurance and other personal payment part. The actual income, not so much. Compared to the previous year, last year, there is a relatively large increase, with the reform of the two institutions and institutions wage system." Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of statistics stakeholders said. Last year, Jiangsu and Nanjing are officially launched organs and institutions pension insurance right相关的主题文章: