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James Taylor offbeat upstage   "Robinson Crusoe" first Thursday million — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn hit 3D animated film "Robinson Crusoe" after its release in October 4th, the harvest good reputation at the same time, the high attendance also boost the row piece steady rise, let the joy of adventure tour continues to heat up. As the film opening 6 days the first week easily gains 40 million at the box office, this year the national day of the schedule movie box office champion, has become the biggest winner of the schedule at the box office. The film side today released the "tit for tat" version of positive fragments, and a pair of hiddleston Taylor and Robinson couple the evil cat in navigation on the island after the strike violently, as the crisis foreshadowed. Meow star couple offbeat upstage hot lead "Robinson Crusoe" tells the story of a small animal island is dominated by the storm broke the silence, "the casual visitor" Robinson and animal owners have staged a humorous encounter. However, the invasion of the evil cat Legion poses a great threat to the island, Robinson teamed up with adorable pet who fought back, sides of wits and hard to exhaust all the skills for laughs, a matter of wisdom and courage of the home guard officially kicked off. Compared with fresh adorable funny animal small island, the film’s villain "star who meow Taylor and Tom is a lot more secular shrewdness and cunning, in fragments of Taylor in the boat hit the cock’s ideas by Robinson successfully stopped, the two sides at loggerheads on the island after the tit for tat, buried in battle foreshadowing. The two name also caused a lot of audience hot, as everyone knows American country singer Taylor? Swift’s nickname is Taylor, and Tom is playing his former boyfriend "the Avengers" in rocky Tom? Hiddleston, two tornado like love marvel. After the breakup of the clinker "Taylor" and "Tom" in "Robinson Crusoe" in again, the couple will file for Robinson and adorable pet who caused a huge crisis, two people will be more of a subject of ridicule echoed each other couples interpretation of the well. Create a hilarious adventure making top it is reported that the film by Europe’s most global box office appeal to create animation studio NWAVE. With first-class production standards, each NWAVE produced works are the successful introduction of Chinese, and got good results at the box office, "Wild Africa", "moon adventure", "Adventures of Sami" and other films from their hands, the "Robinson Crusoe" is full of sincerity, want to experience a the excitement of joy adventure this film is definitely not to be missed. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: