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Italy Opera master, Nobel prize winner Dario? – Sichuan Channel – Fu died original title: Italy Opera master, Nobel prize winner Dario Holmes died in Italy? Nobel prize winner, the famous playwright, actor Dario? Fu 13 died at the age of 90. According to the Italy news agency ANSA, Dario Fukuda? Morning in a hospital in Milan died, he was hospitalized for a few days previously back pain. Dario? "With the traditional blessing the works of medieval rulers find dignity clown irony," for the oppressed people and won the 1997 Nobel prize for literature. In addition to the two most famous actors of the playwright and actor, Dario is a director and writer. As a leading figure in the Italy theater, he enjoys a worldwide reputation for his comedy style, including "the accidental death of an anarchist" and "non payment". Politicians in Italy have expressed their condolences to Dario. Italy’s president Mattarella said Dario died? Blessing let the Italians sad, his creative genius and indestructible passion Italy rich culture. The Italy Senate the same day as Dario Fu? 1 minutes of silence. Italy’s prime minister Ferenczi said Dario died in Italy Fu? Let the protagonist lost important drama and culture, Italy as a well-known figure, his satire, research and artistic activities are reserved for the world heritage. (reporter Ge Chen) (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: