Huo Zhengyan was acting like fury hero villain performances of the new height (video) shishangqiyi

Huo Zhengyan was acting like "fury hero" villain performances of the new height of anger hero _13 > > > click to enter the Tencent after watching the video, "fury hero" Tencent Angeles Drama "anger heroes" broadcast, the audience is very high evaluation to Huo Zhengyan to play in shaping the yuan also all angle, even a person in this play, he was called "black acting textbook". The interview with Huo Zhengyan is the day before the broadcast drama "hero" in his anger, before he was in Hengdian spent two months of the year, shooting the drama "fire knife shadow". "When shooting the surface temperature of more than and 50 degrees, I play just fixing, Hengdian rain", a met Huo Zhengyan smiled to the reporter "complain" my bad luck. Coincidentally, it is lucky that he now is the hit TV series "Heroes" anger was filmed last summer, two for the drama of the war, as can be imagined on a hot day wearing the costume to be in the studio for two or three months the taste does not feel better. Therefore, after the end of shooting back to Beijing, Huo Zhengyan and even some not meet the night before the interview he rest is not good, but perhaps it is because of the end of a drama, finally have time to rest, he looks very happy and relaxed, face the reporter’s question he almost all you know. When we sat down began to interview, carefully found Huo Zhengyan’s appearance is consistent with the traditional aesthetic, the eyes are large and deep, straight nose, from a certain point of view in the past and even a bit like Daniel Wu, plus 82 meters in height and tough temperament, the whole people was very handsome, Huo Zhengyan very satisfied with their appearance conditions, talk to the head when he even modest, said: "I am the prefect but we most handsome actors." Of course looks, Huo Zhengyan is well aware of the importance of acting for an actor, has been performing on the road to go. It is precisely because of this, from his debut so far, Huo Zhengyan has never missed the play. Last year, the famous director Mao Weining found Huo Zhengyan, invited him to play a war drama – "the hero of anger". "The acting" textbook "anger hero" tells the story of the Japanese invaders during the Anti Japanese war in Chinese secret opium trade, played by Huo Zhengyan Yuan Yegang is an honest, innocent students, mother’s care and love for his young brother Yuan Shuai does not know sorrow taste, but because of poor family can not afford to pay tuition, good academic, is also facing the risk to get the diploma. In order to get rid of poverty, in order to rise head and shoulders above others, also can let oneself love the girl to live a good life, he fell into the Japanese cloth good trap, the final step by step into the puppet Japanese blackening. Prior to this, Huo Zhengyan played a lot of villains, "love" in Song Ziyang’s ladder, "flower" in the two Ouyang Teng were impressive, but this time in the play of a gradual blackening villain is not easy. But it is precisely because the role of the yuan is also very challenging, but Huo Zhengyan had wanted to shape the character of the impulse. After receiving this drama, Huo Zhengyan began to carefully try to figure out this angle.相关的主题文章: