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Spirituality If you want to learn how to astral travel then preparation is a must. Astral projection is a skill – a skill that can be acquired through continuous mental training and practice. But before this can be achieved, you will need to thoroughly equip yourself with the skills as well as the mindset that you need. To give you an idea of the things you might want to be prepared for, here are some examples: De-stress yourself first: Stress can ruin the entire astral travel practice. It will prevent you from concentrating by making your mind wander off and should be eliminated first. For your first attempt, try to plan a few days ahead. If you have work, finish all of them first, deal with all of your problems and find a way to relax. Practicing astral projection when stressed is useless, so don’t force it. Imagination is important: Imagination plays a big role in terms of successful projection. If you take the time to check on the other tips available, you will find that within on tip or another, individuals will be suggesting that you use your imagination to picture out something that can bring you to either a higher level of awareness or calm yourself down in preparation for the projection. For those who have quite an imaginative mind then this is no problem, for those however that does not, it can prove to be difficult. Thankfully there are many things you can do to improve on how to astral travel. Suggestive audio tapes for example can help you picture out places, events or situations allowing you to get into the state that you want to be in quickly. Patience is required: Mastery or improvements can take a while before happening which is why you need to be patient. Depending on the amount of time that you set aside for practice, success may come anywhere from within a few months to a year after starting. The level of projection will differ as well because this will depend on how much you’d want to experience and how far you want to go in the practice. But as long as you understand these terms and are fine with it, rest assured that you will be able to achieve out of body experiences like all others in the past who’ve been patient enough to see the process through. Deep Concentration is a must: Deep concentration is not something that you will be able to achieve overnight. It requires time, practice and patience. This is the kind of concentration that will help you block out any outside factors that might ruin your exercise. With deep concentration you will be able to start and stop when you want to. This is actually already considered a skill since only with enough experience will one be able to achieve it. If you really want know how to astral travel, then better be prepared first. Out of body experiences is not that easy to achieve. But with the right information and mindset, you will be able to practice continuously allowing you to reach your goal a lot faster. Check out other sites for tips and advice on astral travel as well, they will be able to give you other ideas that you will be able to use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: