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Photography In photoshop we try to do many of task. Clipping path is one of them. The process of Cliping path is very important to edit an image and color it with the perfect color. In that case you have t know the perfection of color .biantion. Here I will describe you how you can do it easily with Adobe Photoshop CS. You can do the task with the update version of photoshop software like CS5, CS6. These are easy, because the .ponents of update version are so .fortable which are tough in old version. So that I will describe in it. Open an image with the adobe photoshop. Place it in center. Now start the task of clipping path for your image. Inhance you are begginer. For that reason I will describe a simple image to do the Clipping Path. Select pentool from the tool bar. Before go to Window and select path. Then start create path by the pen tool. For your help you can make the image large by press Ctrl+Alt+Scroll mouse. Here you can face a rpoblem like after change the size to get the image you can use the spacebar. And by this way there are too less opurtunity to face any problem in the making of path. After making the path you see some of the path are not straight. In that case you can use the arrow sign to increase or decrease the size of path. Through using path we get more and more oppurtunity for an image.Like we can remove or knockout background from image, cutout or isolate the desired image, can create transparency or transparent backgrounds of an image, easy to change or use a customized background, we able to create ads, magazine covers, and lot of other items in print media, it can save silhouette selection with the image for later use, we can create desired layers, even multiple layers by multiple selection, can also be shadowing or dropping shadows of desired Image, we can able to create text or Image wrap for special effects and sometimes create separate .ponents for animation. So Clipping Path is so important for the edit of an image. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: