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Hefei pre announcement 32 cases lived half land area of over mu in November 17th, Hefei land market network issued a "Hefei city urban residential owned construction land use right transfer pre announcement ($MLR pre Announcement No. [2016]4)", a one-time pre announcement of 32 cases of 3881.7 acres of residential land, 16 plots over acres. Among them, 8 cases, Binhu District 3 cases, 8 cases of the new station area, Baohe District 1 cases, 2 cases of Yaohai District, Luyang District, Shushan District 5 cases, 3 cases, 2 cases of administrative district. The pre announcement said, this is for the implementation of the Hefei municipal government on the increase of residential land supply decisions will now land management committee approved the plan for a total of 3881.7 acres, pre announcement residential blocks have to be terrestrial land acquisition, demolition, planning and other conditions after the formal announcement of the listing. It is understood that this is the city of Hefei announced in September, after the listing plan in November, Hefei once again announced the announcement of residential land class. In addition to the other land covers the urban area, open outside of the Binhu and the new station area most, were 8 cases, or many plots, such as Binhu District 8 plots in 6 cases of more than 100 acres, the new district has 4 cases of more than 100 acres. In addition, there are 3 cases will be the construction of talent apartments, located in the high-tech zone and Shushan district. (Yu Jiaojiao) (Editor: He Feifei)相关的主题文章: