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He is Jobs’s wedding and funeral please Chinese American Lidongben after the cold weather, after entering the winter always feel stupid. But there is a clever cheats you know? That is music. Learning music, you should be absorbed in to invest in it, to remember the notes on the music, music and playing method, coordination, hands, eyes and ears to the brain. Studies have shown that no matter what musical instruments, can improve the coordination of the brain and hands, improve the IQ of learners. Students who play musical instruments have higher math scores and IQ levels than those who do not participate in any instrument. Jobs, co-founder of Apple Corp, music has been the most important part of his life, although not proficient in musical instruments, but he is very fond of music. It is no exaggeration to say that without this hobby, he would probably not be a revolutionary iPod, Apple will not be brought to such a height. Jobs loaded with iPod, perennial with a Chinese player’s 3 album, Jobs both respect for his people, but also appreciate his artistic attainments, this man is Yoyo Ma. The life of Jobs only made two play a request, please Yoyo Ma to play the Cello for himself in his wedding, but unfortunately that Yoyo Ma is booked but failed. A few years later, Yoyo Ma came to his home, the famous 1733 Stradivarius cello, played Bach tracks for Jobs. Jobs was in tears, he said to Yoyo Ma: "you play when I heard the best, as to God, because I don’t believe a man can do so". When Jobs was diagnosed with cancer, he made a request again, asking Yoyo Ma to promise to play at his funeral. This time, he got his wish. Held at the Stanford University Jobs Memorial Church, Yoyo Ma played the cello solo by Bach. Even the president of the United States is also Yoyo Ma’s fans, Yoyo Ma is a frequent visitor to the White House, he was the five president of the United States on stage, the first one is president Kennedy, Yoyo Ma was only 7 years old, and the sister performed together in the white house. He also had 18 Ho "Grammy" music awards, become "Grammy killer", has repeatedly refused to accept the award! Clairaudient Guangdong Jun received news that Yoyo Ma will come to Guangzhou, here special offer and Yoyo Ma face-to-face. Yoyo Ma is the first to participate in the Guangdong International Youth Music Week, (Youth Music Culture Guangdong, hereinafter referred to as YMCG) served as director of music YMCG. Will be held during the period from January 7, 2017 to 20, the first Guangdong International Youth Music Week "will be set up by a youth under the age of 35 performers" YMCG Orchestra (tentative name) ", you may also become a member of the Advisory committee. In the first Guangdong International Youth Music Week, there are three plates per day: morning afternoon rehearsal rehearsal symphony, ensemble music, evening tutors and students of cultural exchange and improvisation in public. The tutor team afternoon group interactive mentors will be according to their level of interest and the whole)相关的主题文章: