Haze days Harbin power supply company to start power grid equipment pollution flashover monitoring ajviewer

Haze days Harbin power company started power equipment anti pollution flashover monitoring by 4 News (reporter Jia Yongchao Zhao Zhengfu) today, Harbin in severe haze weather. State Grid Heilongjiang Harbin power supply company quickly launched the emergency plan to carry out line pollution flashover inspections, timely elimination of defects, to ensure safe and stable operation of the grid. Harbin power company staff, causing the air haze of high conductivity, easy to make transmission equipment insulation performance and contains a variety of corrosive chemicals in the haze of pollution flashover, equipment, power lines can cause short-circuit and tripping fault. Harbin power supply company and the local meteorological department closely linked to timely grasp of the transmission, distribution lines and equipment where the weather changes. Strengthen the operation of abnormal information network report, closely monitor the power grid, equipment operation. Start the emergency duty system, tissue repair personnel, prepare spare parts and repair of vehicles and other emergency safeguard measures, to ensure that the fault occurred in the inclement weather, 24 hours with the report with repair. As of press time reporter, Harbin area power grid running smoothly. Harbin Xuanhua Jie Yu Hong near the vehicle can only see the outline of primary school相关的主题文章: