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Marketing LinkedIn is a great tool for business development. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site where people connect exclusively on a professional basis. Therefore, appropriate use of LinkedIn can help some major business networking. LinkedIn have umpteen benefits for business when used smartly and is a great tool for business owners and sales people. However, due to exclusive professional networking, LinkedIn functions a little different than other casual social networks. The goof-ups that you may get away with on a personal network might not go well in the LinkedIn network. Some of the .mon mistakes LinkedIn newbie"s make are discussed in this article. Using a casual photo or business logo in the profile When a person wants to connect with you, your picture is the first thing that they look at. It is not only important to have a photo, but it must also be the right one for the network. A picture of you lounging on a sun deck might make for a great profile picture in a personal networking site, but it is a strict no-no in LinkedIn. It is also considered bad form to use your business logo or a product shot as you profile photograph; you .e across as too pushy. Don"t use group photographs either. People want to connect with the human being behind the name that they see on the screen. By choosing the right picture, you will be able to create an aura of professionalism about you. Many successful business owners get their LinkedIn pictures shot by professional photographers. Jumping straight into sales Remember that your connections on LinkedIn are not out there to buy your product or service. It may happen eventually, in due course, but almost never as a result of aggressively pitching for a sale. Use LinkedIn to provide information and to be of value in the group. Be discreet even when you take advantage of sales opportunities that arise in the network. Not participating in discussions When you are part of a network, make your presence felt. It is no good being a dud member. Keep an eye out for questions that other members post. If you know the answer, do not hesitate to contribute. Answering questions in a professional network is a great way to establish expertise and build your credibility. Tweeting them all Twitter is a great networking tool. But updating every tweet on your LinkedIn status may not be such a great idea. Restrict your LinkedIn status tweets to really important ones. Never updating your LinkedIn status While inundating your LinkedIn connections with every tweet that you make may be a little too much, never or very rarely updating the status is also something you must avoid. If your status is not updated, it sends out a clear message that you are not active or worse, you don"t care. Ignoring the Re.mendations option Re.mendations are again a great way to build credibility. When people whom you have worked with give you glowing re.mendations, it .municates the value that you have been able to bring to the project or the organization. Though it might often seem difficult to ask for re.mendations, you must consider a give and take policy. Re.mend somebody and then ask for the favor to be returned. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business .working tools around. If you have made any of the above mistakes, it is time to retrace your strategy and make the necessary changes. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: