Guangdong retirees basic pension raised 6.5% people benefit from about 5300000 tda7294

Guangdong retiree basic pension increase 6.5% about 5300000 people benefited from today’s focus Nanfang Daily News (trainee reporter Tian Didi reporter Su Li) the latest arrangements provincial agency office said on 26 2016 in Guangdong province to adjust the basic pension for retirees from starting in January 1, 2016, the basic pension adjustment increase in our province enterprises and institutions retirees. Part of the increase in pensions, by the fixed, fixed ratio, tilt adjustment (qualified) three addition. The quota adjustment can get more than 35 yuan per person per month; according to the tilt adjustment, in June 30, 2016 before the age of 75 years and above, plus 100 yuan per person per month. Our province recently issued the "notice" on the basic pension in Guangdong Province in 2016 to adjust to retirees, retirees to determine the adjustment of the basic pension personnel range before December 31, 2015 the basic pension for retirees, and from January 2016 to June for the first time to receive the basic pension. The province included in the scope of adjustment of enterprises and institutions retirees about 5300000 people. Provincial agency office relevant responsible person said, according to state regulations, adjust the overall level of our province for the province’s 2015 retirees monthly per capita pension 6.5%, adjustment method to take a fixed ratio adjustment, adjustment and proper tilt three are added to both enterprises and institutions retirees, the combination of fairness and efficiency. The specific arrangement is that the norm is adjusted to 35 yuan per person per month, enterprises and institutions to implement the same standards. Fixed ratio adjustment is based on the adjustment of the basic pension monthly standard of 4.8% plus pension, is conducive to the full payment of the insured. A tilt adjustment is tilted to the length of the payment period, payment period for more than 15 years of retirement, more than 1 years per month plus 1 yuan, the insured person incentive pay much too long; two is inclined to elderly people, on June 30, 2016 before the age of over 75 years of age and above personnel per month plus 100 yuan (the annual 1200 yuan one-time payment); three is inclined to participate in enterprise business demobilized cadres retirement pension insurance, basic pension adjustment is still not up to the city where the enterprise pension insurance basic pension per month, according to the city where the enterprise pension insurance basic pension per month plan hair. Enterprises and institutions to adjust the pension institutions to increase the pension from the basic old-age insurance fund for employees of enterprises and Institutions Pension funds. Currently, municipalities are stepping up the implementation of the work of the pension adjustment. The adjustment of the pension increase will be issued in place before the end of September. It is reported that, compared to the previous year, about 10% of the increase in some years, this year rose slightly narrowed. The official website of the Ministry of human resources and social interpretation of this year, about 6.5% retirees adjusted treatment, the State Council is considering the new situation of China’s economic development and the aging of the population in the new situation, make careful decisions. China’s economic growth rate, average wage growth rate, price increases, fiscal revenue growth slowed. At the same time, the rapid development of population aging, pension insurance burden is not.相关的主题文章: