Guangdong prosecutors elected 200 spokenman – Beijing-519697

Guangdong prosecutors elected 200 spokenman – Beijing Beijing in Guangzhou on 14 November, (Suo Youwei Wei Lei Wang Lei) Guangdong provincial procuratorate spokesman training class of 14 at the National Prosecutors College Guangdong branch opening. The reporter learned from the opening ceremony, Guangdong three prosecutors are currently set up news spokesman. Among them, the provincial procuratorate set up a spokesman 2, municipal procuratorate set up from 1 to 2, the county procuratorate set up 1, Guangdong prosecutors have now formed a team of more than 200 spokesmen. It is reported that, in order to further deepen the openness of procuratorial work, protect the people’s right to know the procuratorial work right of supervision, the Guangdong provincial procuratorate asked the province’s Procuratorate at all levels have set up a press spokesman, regularly held a news conference, news release normalization. Guangdong provincial procuratorate Propaganda Department official said, the spokesman from the familiar procuratorial propaganda and procuratorial work, has higher media literacy and legal literacy, work a strong sense of responsibility of the Department in charge of appointment. The training for a period of three days, set up the information disclosure and news release, emergency management, public opinion guidance training courses, through focused teaching, the interactive discussion and practical exercises in the form of the appointment of three level hospital spokesman. Director of the Political Department of the Guangdong provincial procuratorate party members, Ye Shaoming said at the opening ceremony, the procuratorial organs should take the initiative to enhance the propaganda consciousness, improve the news release system, give full play a key role in the propaganda of spokesman of news and information release, transfer more of their attention to the public information, tell a good story of procuratorial. The propagation of sound. The news release work to change the one-way transmission of the original "propaganda" mode, gradually turned to more accord with the law of the news media and the narrative mode of dialogue mode, and realize the transition to all media news release, as far as possible to sound the first time, a positive response to the social and public concern, effectively accept public supervision, improve judicial credibility. It is reported that the Guangdong provincial procuratorate will also improve the system, education and training, combat drills and other initiatives, efforts to strengthen the quality and quality of the spokesman team, to strengthen the province’s procuratorial organs of public relations. (end)相关的主题文章: