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Business How will the prices hold this year Mr Razack says that from a home investment perspective, realty prices will only increase with time or face stagnation at the most, as rising input costs further make it difficult for any price correction to happen in the near future. However, on a better note, we can expect a possible decrease in interest rates in 2012, he adds.The .pany, which had four residential project launches in 2011, has several launches planned for 2012, including Prestige Bella Vista Chennai, and Prestige Mayberry, Prestige Summer Fields and Prestige Silver Crest Bangalore. We will as well as inaugurate Forum Vijaya Plaza in Chennai and Oakwood Prestige Premier Serviced Apartments in the Forum Value Plaza during this period, he says. According to a press release, the .pany will as well as expand its presence in various cities across south India, such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mangalore, Mysore and Goa. 2011 has seen a significant rise in the demand for luxury residences in Bangalore, says Mr Neville Vaswani, Managing Director, Vaswani Group. Bangalore has as well as emerged as one of the preferred destinations for realty, thanks to the .pared cost advantage which Bangalore enjoys in .parison to cities such as Mumbai and Delhi. Though it was a challenging year for all the real-estate players, it has not affected latest projects .ing up, he adds.Mr Vaswani hopes that 2012 will be a better year for the real-estate industry, with far less fluctuation in the market and a lot of correctional measures taken by the government to stabilise the economy. A stable economy will major boost to the confidence of investors and buyers in the real-estate market again, he adds. Here in an elegantly planned independent villa, ensconced in its own private garden, you can .e home to the quiet life. The way it used to be in the good old days. Leisurely, relaxed and in no hurry to reach anywhere the year 2011 was a year to cherish for developers in Bangalore with good sales and a lot of demand in the residential sector. It was when the Bangalore property market saw the maximum number of project launches in recent years. The demand and the resultant sales of apartments in Bangalore gain significance if one were to recall that 2011 was as well as when banks increased their home loan rates by approximately 250 basis points. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: