Flying Fun With Indoor Helicopters On A Rainy

Business You wake up ready for a great weekend out and about, all planned, walk the dog, have a healthy breakfast, get the bike out, go for a ride, get back eat lunch, go to the beach and lay on the sand listening to the beach noises all around you. BANG! You open the curtains and discover it is raining and your well planned day has gone down the pan. WHAT ON EARTH can you do now? The answer is blindingly obvious, Fly a helicopter! NO, not a real helicopter, while taking copter pilot training lessons at 100 an hour might seem great for the rich and famous, it might be ‘just a little’ out of reach for most of us. ( joke ). What I am talking about here is the up and .ing craze of miniature remote control indoor helicopters, without doubt the must have ‘boys toy’ which, just like the old Yorkie Chocolate bar has been adopted by girls as well. RC helicopters are great fun, inexpensive and VERY addictive. So, if ever you are bored at home and want to add a bit of excitement while it pours down with rain outside? Well indoor helicopters are just the thing you need if you’re a flying fanatic and want to turn a dull day into a fun day. Let’s face it the typical British summer will no doubt bring many miserable days so it’s always handy to have a back up fun plan and that’s where an indoor helicopter .es into play. Indoor helicopters are great for whizzing around the house as you can fly them in the tightest of places with great manoeuvrability. You can duck and dive around ornaments or even .e up from behind the sofa and scare the hell out of your cat, how much more fun would you want! Get a really smart cat, buy them an RC helicopter and you can have ‘dog fights’. Ok maybe not then, but get a mate around and dog fights and many other .petitions can be enjoyed. ‘Land the copter on the empty beer can’ is a favourite of many a rainy day. There are many well known indoor helicopters, and some of the best and most popular makes and models are, PicooZ Tandems (Chinook style) PicooZ Sky Challenger (these are perfect for dog fighting , with or without your cat), Bladerunner 3, Bladerunner Black Ghost, PicooZ Micro Helicopter and the PicooZ Apache helicopter. The majority of RC indoor helicopters are made of a lightweight robust material so you never really need to worry about the odd crash or bang which inevitably you will have one day or another. The rechargeable battery on an indoor helicopter will typically last around 10-15 minutes and a recharge will take approximately 30 minutes. And the great thing about buying indoor helicopters are that you won’t have to dig deep into your pocket, prices start from around 15.00 for a good quality one from the lower end range and 40.00+ for a high tech indoor helicopter. Well there you have it, the perfect gadget for a rainy day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: