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.puters-and-Technology According to the software engineering literature both project and requirement management activities are essential for attaining a high quality software system. Owing to the increased pace of globalization in software development deriving numerous benefits to the software at times results in multiple issues. These issues might take place for monitoring the requirements in global software development projects that .prises of: * Issues that involve frequently improving the requirements * Having a clear understanding of the requirements amongst various groups of people * Issues pertaining to coordination amongst the employees * Cross cultural relationship, issues pertaining to .munications and knowledge management Keeping all these factors in mind today leading service providers of ALM tools have introduced high end requirements management software that provide a global and configurable environment for attaining a requirement suite. It further helps in collaborating their development and trace deployment back to the specs. Furthermore, the deliverables and the objectives of the project are shared by various team members that .prise consumers, analysts, software designers and architects to team up and work on the ways to manage the requirements regionally or globally. Advanced requirements management tool has various flavors, such as proprietary, standard, processes or methodologies. All the features are critical for a seamless and effective requirements management process that can be analyzed by using a user-friendly interface. The software offers a rich implementation of the process and other aspects such as management, gathering, base lining, parsing, intelligent reporting and traceability with a help of a process driven methodology that assists project teams to map and manage requirements efficiently. Other features include: * More effective tele.muting * Better management and control of offshore projects * Better collaboration with different internal functional groups * Better collaboration with service partners This apart, there are certain benefits of the requirement management software. They are: * Helps in capturing the customer’s voice * Prioritizes and evaluates requirement for releases * Maximized productivity * Offers improved quality, that translates to no more re-do * Improved team collaboration and .munication * Incorporating with other tools * Helps to upgrade to a .plete Application lifecycle management * ALM solution * Helps to automatically manage regulatory .pliance It is a known fact that collaboration is the basic foundation in order to bring together information and knowledge sharing that helps in .pleting tasks. Keeping in mind the latest software development practices collaboration amidst multiple teams is crucial. Amongst all the software development life cycle stage, the requirement management phase is the most crucial as various distributed stakeholders need to set up, review and approve requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: