Engraving Your Diamond Wedding And Engagement Ring-chompoo araya

Marriage-Wedding A diamond ring is forever. It is perhaps the most romantic symbol of love for most couples and has actually be.e an essential in engagements and weddings. Nothing can be more romantic except of course a diamond ring with an engraving inside. Engraving your diamond wedding rings is one of the ways that would make your rings special and personalized. Putting messages for your spouse in the ring will ensure that your message of love will always be with him or her. Most jewelers offer this additional service of engraving wedding and engagement rings. Often this service is only offered with plain wedding bands with no stone but some jewelry shops can engrave diamond engagement and wedding rings. Here are some of the ways that jewelers do this. One of the ways is by hand engraving where an expert will use a hand tool to engrave the words in the metal. Because this is done by hand, the process is not perfect and the letters are not as precise as one would like. Still, because it is handmade, the effect is more natural and far more unique than when done by machines. In choosing this process, make sure that the expert, often called the artisan, is skilled and experienced in doing the craft. Another process is of course through the use of the engraving machine. Unlike the hand-made engraving process, this is much faster and more precise. Mistakes are minimized and the letters appear crisp. One disadvantage of using the engraving machine is the fact that one can only put up to 20 characters only. Although this is more than enough for the space provided by the ring, some prefer to put longer verses in smaller fonts. One of the most modern processes is the use of the laser technology in engraving. The discovery and later use of laser has opened a whole lot of possibilities for jewelry engraving. Unlike the old engraving machine, couples can now put up to 225 characters in the metal. This is quite long and will be more than enough for one ring to take. What is more, the engraver can be customized. One can choose the size of the font, the slant and sometimes even the kind of font that is used. That is why this process is not only used in engraving wedding and engagement rings but also bracelets and necklaces. Some are even able to put vows and verses from the bible with this kind of machine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: