Eat crab yellow really can cause cancer Fisheries expert clarification! Guangdong channel people’s

Eat crab yellow really can cause cancer? Fisheries expert clarification! Guangdong channel people’s original title: Eating Crab yellow really will cause cancer? Fisheries expert clarification! According to media reports, even the day, a "can’t eat crab" rumors, micro-blog, WeChat and other popular in open platform: the New York Health Bureau said the Chinese stopped to eat crab, crab, crab paste chemicals, heavy metals concentration exceed the standard, will seriously affect people’s health…… When crabs are listed, can the crabs still eat? Consumer: can crabs still eat? American media reports quoted New York Health Bureau staff as saying, New York waters contain dangerous chemicals mainly PCBs, two, British and cadmium, will accumulate in the human body, may lead to birth defects and cancer, temporarily aroused heated debate. Recently, the domestic media investigated a number of aquatic markets, breeding sites, etc., and interviewed the experts of Fisheries of the Academy of agriculture and forestry sciences. The results show that most of the crabs are artificial breeding, the water quality and ecological environment are in a safe and controllable range, and the rumors of New York crabs are limited to the local polluted waters. Experts say most of the domestic crabs are farmed, and they can be eaten safely. Agricultural experts: safety and quality of crab on domestic agricultural experts pointed out that the Internet is Overgeneralization too, "crab is heavy metal exceed the standard, is harmful to the human body, at least in three aspects." First of all, the growing waters affect crabs. If you grow in good water, crabs have very little heavy metals. But if it grows in polluted waters, crabs are naturally contaminated. The crab that is rumored to be in trouble should only refer to one of the polluted waters of New York. At present, most domestic crabs are farmed. Compared with the wild environment, artificial breeding has controllability, if the water quality, medication and other aspects of qualified, the crab can be assured of food. Secondly, analysis from the biological point of view, the most vulnerable part of the crab is not crab, crab, crab gills, but do not eat crab liver lung area. And finally, the intake. Eating crabs is seasonal, and crabs are not necessarily eating food, "the amount of food is generally small, generally speaking, there will be no problem."." Nutrition experts: crab a not over 2 crab is delicious, but not to eat. Nutrition experts said, from the point of view of the value of nutrition is rich in protein, crabs, fish several times higher than the general, but also has rich trace elements, "Chinese medicine crab taste salty and cold, with heat and nourishing Yin, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis etc.." Experts suggest that people who like to eat crabs should consume less than 2 servings per day. Crabs have high cholesterol and high protein, and excessive intake will increase the digestive burden. Especially the elderly suffering from coronary heart disease, hypertension and other diseases, the younger children and patients with diabetes, kidney disease are unfit for eating. In eating crabs, do not eat beer, strong tea, persimmon, etc., easy to cause gastrointestinal digestion problems. In addition, at the same time eating crabs, you can properly match some vegetables and fruits, help metabolism and degradation of some harmful substances. Rumors and rumors about hairy crabs 1: to big

吃蟹黄真的会致癌?水产专家澄清!–广东频道–人民网 原标题:吃蟹黄真的会致癌?水产专家澄清!   据媒体报道,连日来,一条有关“蟹黄不能吃”的传闻,在微博、微信等平台流传开:美国纽约卫生局叫停华人吃蟹,称蟹黄、蟹膏处化学物质集中、重金属超标,会严重影响人的健康……正值大闸蟹上市之时,这蟹还能吃吗?   消费者:螃蟹还能吃吗?   美国媒体报道援引纽约卫生局工作人员的话说,纽约水域所含的危险化学物质主要是多氯联苯、二?英和镉,会在人体积累,可能会导致出生缺陷和癌症,一时引起热议。   近日,国内媒体调查了多家水产市场、养殖地等,并采访到市农林科学院水产专家。结果证实,目前大部分螃蟹都是人工养殖,水质和生态环境都在安全可控范围,传言中的纽约螃蟹问题,也仅限于当地受污染的水域。   专家称,国内大部分螃蟹是人工养殖的,可放心食用。   农科院专家:   螃蟹安全与水质等有关   国内农科院专家指出,网上的说法有以偏概全之嫌,“螃蟹是否重金属超标,是否对人体有害,至少要从三方面考虑。”   首先是生长水域会影响螃蟹。如果在良好水域生长,螃蟹的重金属含量微乎其微。但若在受污染水域生长,螃蟹自然会遭到污染。传言中出问题的螃蟹,应仅仅是指纽约的某个被污染水域。   目前国内大部分螃蟹为人工养殖。相比于野生环境,人工养殖具有可控性,若水质、用药等方面检测合格,养出的蟹可放心食用。   其次,从生物角度分析,螃蟹最易受污染的部位其实并不是蟹黄,而是蟹腮、蟹肺、蟹肝等不食用的部位。   最后还要看摄入量。吃螃蟹具有季节性,且螃蟹并非必吃食物,“进食量一般不大,一般来说不会有问题。”   营养专家:   吃蟹一次不要超2只   螃蟹虽好吃,但不宜多吃。营养专家称说,从营养价值来看,大闸蟹具有丰富的蛋白质,高于一般鱼类数倍,还具有丰富的微量元素,“中医认为大闸蟹味咸性寒,具有清热滋阴、活血化瘀等功效。”   专家建议,爱吃大闸蟹的市民,每次的食用量应保持在2只以内,蟹具有高胆固醇高蛋白,超量会增加消化负担。尤其是患有冠心病、高血压等病症的老年人,年龄较小的儿童以及患有糖尿病、肾脏疾病的病人都不宜食用。在食用大闸蟹时,请勿食用啤酒、浓茶、柿子等,容易造成肠胃消化问题。   此外,在吃螃蟹的同时,可适当搭配一些蔬菜水果,帮助代谢和降解一些有害物质。   关于大闸蟹的谣言   谣言1:给大闸蟹喂避孕药提高产量   真相:喂避孕药将使大闸蟹性腺不发育,蟹黄和蟹膏都没有了,养殖户若这样做是自己毁了蟹。   谣言2:大闸蟹抗生素喂食超标   真相:从历年抽检来看,包括孔雀石绿、氯霉素、呔喃代谢物、己烯雌酚、甲基睾酮等指标都未超出标准范围。   谣言3:黑心商家给大闸蟹打针注水   真相:大闸蟹对水质要求特别高,给它进行注水或注药,会改变蟹体内的平衡,使之很快就死去。 (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: