Do you have autumn syndrome

Do you have "autumn syndrome"? Survey shows that approximately 38% of patients with depression, in the autumn and winter depression, the highest rate is also the year in the autumn Dutch act. At least 15% of the ordinary people, will also fall in depressive experience, it is often said that the "autumn China". With the development of brain science, the researchers found that the deep part of the human brain is called the pineal gland, which is very sensitive to sunlight and light. Strong sunlight in summer can inhibit the pineal gland function, so that the pineal gland hormone secretion. After the beginning of autumn, the days get shorter, especially in the rainy season, the weather began to dim, the pineal gland secretion of pineal hormone. Pineal hormone melatonin, which regulates the secretion of other hormones, can inhibit the secretion of thyroid hormone and adrenaline. As everyone knows, thyroid hormones can promote the body development, enhance the The new supersedes the old., when people will lack of thyroxine, loss of appetite, slow reaction. Epinephrine can promote heart rate, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar. If the concentration of the two hormones in the blood decreased, the functional activity of brain cells will be reduced, spirit began to become depressed, people are more sensitive in the blues, will be full of sadness. Many symptoms of this autumn mood caused by medical researchers, is also called "autumn syndrome", it is infected perennial work indoors, weak or rarely participate in physical exercise of mental workers, female patients more, mainly concentrated in the age between 20 to 50 years old, in short, weak and not active people are more likely to fall. Reduce the "autumn syndrome" way is to increase the excitability of the body, the easiest way is at least 20 minutes a day in the sun chest. From the Chinese point of view, the sun and chest are exciting chest Yang, Yang is the best way to drive away the hearts of exciting haze.相关的主题文章: