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Attraction Do you dwell in possibility or do you live in cant happen? Do you .e from a place of anything is possible or nothing good ever happens around you? Todays Daily Quote is from Emily DIckinson, the American poet who was born on this day, December 10th. She said the following famous quote: I dwell in possibility. I could not agree more with Ms. Dickinson. I dwell in possibility as well. I havent always. I had to learn how to change my mindset. Most of us were raised in use your head, stop playing make believe and get realistic households. We heard things about having to work hard for our money and how things didnt .e easy. We were handed every viewpoint except the dwell in possibility viewpoint. For today, lets focus on what is possible. Lets look at those around us that achieved amazing things. Look back at your past and find things that you ac.plished that you thought, when setting out, were impossible. Passing a class, getting a certain job, purchasing a big ticket item or any other example will do. Also, today, lets look at our goals and our dreams. Anything is possible. If we see it and feel it as being done more than we not being done, we shift the scales. Think back to when you were learning to ride a bike. You didnt picture yourself falling off the bike forever. Rather, in your head, you saw yourself flying down the street on the seat of that bike pedaling as quickly as your legs could go. As a result, you learned to ride a bike. If you had not been able to picture it, you would not have been able to achieve it. What we think on and feel on the most is what .es to us. So when you dwell in possibility, you are already ahead of the pack. We are told we need the faith of mustard seed. That is a very, VERY small amount of needed faith. That means that you dont have to spend 24 / 7 believing that dream or seeing it as already done. You just need to do it for more than 17 seconds at a time whenever you find yourself thinking about it. So my friends, what do you want to ac.plish that, so far, has seemed impossible? Dwell in possibility and see it as done. How does it feel? What does it look like? Spend your time there in your head and watch how things shift. Anything is possible, even that dream of yours. Try it and see. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: