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Hypnotherapy helps the patient enter into a comfortable, tranquil, state for obtaining therapeutic results. Clinical hypnotherapists help the patient to go into his or her inner most consciousness or the subconscious in order to face or deal with deep rooted psychological or physiological problems. Clinical hypnotherapists guide the patient to visualize a state of relaxation and peacefulness even when confronting the object of his fears or phobia. Hypnotherapy is still shrouded by myths and delusions and is a controversial method of healing. It is very important to find the right clinical hypnotherapist to guide and help you resolve your problems through this unconventional method. You should select clinical hypnotherapists who are certified and experienced. You would want to trust and respect your choice. These are some of the tips to be kept in mind while selecting your clinical hypnotherapists – Accreditation and certification – clinical hypnotherapists should have accredited training and certification. While choosing your clinical hypnotherapists, you should ask yourself about your requirements. Other than having excellent communication skills, accredited training and certification, you may need therapists who take credit cards or weekend appointments. You should also select clinical hypnotherapists taking into mind your preferences. For example-the gender of the hypnotherapist. Referrals- Seek out referrals from satisfied customers or patients is one of the ways in which you can select your clinical hypnotherapists. Does research – Do a lot of research online or off and gather significant amount of literature on the candidate before making a decision. Contact Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce for reviews on members who are clinical hypnotherapists. Compare the qualifications and cases of different clinical hypnotherapists and select one based on your preferences and requirements. Create a table of candidates. Use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to help you organize your material. Update your table of candidates-Using your material on the interactions with the candidates; enter the data you have gathered into the table. Move the candidates who specialize in your primary problem area, to the top of the list. Interview your candidates and see how you connect with them. Most suitable clinical hypnotherapist must specialize in your primary problem area, should meet your three most important requirements and should offer a consultation, preferably free. 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