Chongqing 19 party members and cadres against the interests of the masses or corruption was punished-9c8814

Chongqing 19 party members and cadres have been punished for corruption against the interests of the masses or Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 26 reported on the 8 unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses of the typical cases, 19 party members and cadres being expelled from the party or the public and other sanctions. The 8 typical cases are: Chongqing Tianchi Zhongxian new town village Party branch secretary Deng Jifu et al, resort to deceit in poverty alleviation work excellent affectionate friends and other issues. From June 2014 to February 2016, Tianchi village in reporting cards poor households in the process, Deng Jifu, director of the village committee Tang Zhoukui violations will not meet the conditions of the village cadres and relatives and a total of 10 households reporting for poor households, the new town organization committee Zhou Gang, vice mayor He Zhengwen and strict, resulting in the 10 households enjoy 40 yuan per person 2015 Spring Festival condolences to Kim, the Tianchi village village committee, comprehensive management engineer, the leader of the three group of 3 households over the standard forest enjoy alpine ecosystems poverty relocation subsidies totaling 32 thousand yuan; in August 2013, when the Tianchi village Party branch secretary and village committee director Tang Shaocheng, Secretary of the Party branch assistant Deng Jifu, village instruments Tang Zhoukui, in the three set of residential Tianchi village ground engineering project contract, inflated 10 thousand yuan for projects with "subsidy" in the name of Tang Shaocheng, Zhoukui divide; Tang and other Disciplinary problems. In September 2016, Tang Shaocheng has been expelled from the party, the party a serious warning by Tang Zhoukui (before being punished is no longer served as the village Party branch committee member) and the removal of the village director, Deng Jifu by the party a serious warning, Zhou Gang subject to Party warning, the forest was ordered to resign, He Zhengwen was ordered to make a written review, criticism, cancel the Pingxianpingyou qualifications, relevant personnel all confiscated proceeds of discipline. Chongqing East Wenquan Town Banan District Lions Village village committee, former party secretary Zhong Guangheng former deputy party secretary Huang Kuiliang, former director of Yi Qingwei, former engineer Shen Renping for comprehensive management of the village collective funds problem. In 2013, Zhong Guangheng, Huang Kuiliang, Yi Qingwei, Shen Renping used his position to facilitate handling and management of collective property, preparation of false compensation covering payment form, defrauding 502 thousand and 900 yuan Shoufangkuan village. Zhong Guangheng also has other serious violation of law issues. In August 2015, Zhong Guangheng has been expelled from the party; in August 2016, Huang Kuiliang, Yi Qingwei, Shen Renping was expelled from the party; judicial organs have been investigated for criminal responsibility according to law four. The Employment Service Bureau of Chongqing Nanchuan district director Huang Wei original life grant migrant workers diddle unemployment problem. From November 2013 to July 2015, Huang Wei presided over by his office of the Bureau of the unemployment insurance work, issued in Nanchuan District unemployed workers unemployment insurance in the process of issuing inflated personnel list, has defrauded migrant workers unemployment disposable life grants totaling 511 thousand and 500 yuan. In April 2016 and August, Huang Wei been expelled from the party and dismissed from punishment, the judicial organs have been investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Chongqing Xinyi District opened and the town of Yi Bingwan, former Secretary of the village Party branch interception land reclamation funds.相关的主题文章: