CCTV Spring Festival gala evening a year the Miao Fu team – the whereabouts of the mysterious Beijin barcarolle

CCTV Spring Festival gala evening a year the Miao Fu team – the whereabouts of the mysterious Beijing reporter learned yesterday, starting from April this year has been low-key start preparations for the CCTV Spring Festival evening chicken, yesterday afternoon ushered in the first big test — the language class program first, there are four groups of program performance, which also marks the CCTV Spring Festival Gala the program audit work in full swing. Many comedians showed reporters from the Beijing trial counterparts learned yesterday, comedian Gao Xiaopan, Li Ding, "hip-hop burden shop" Xu Ming, Zhang Kang, Hou Zhenpeng, Jia series debut accept the program first review. In addition, through a TV comedy program Sun Jianhong, who also appeared in the first instance. Earlier news that will participate in the Spring Festival Gala chicken year Feng Gong, Yue Yunpeng, Cao Yunjin, Jia Ling, happy twist combination not yet seen, estimates of their programs will be first in the subsequent review of the program in the face. Shaanxi Miao Fu team last night, the reporter linked to the whereabouts of the mysterious Miao Fu staff, he Miao Fu show whether to participate in the trial, and all related topics on the Spring Festival Gala silent. Last year Spring Festival, Li Yinfei and Li Ding is the only child of crosstalk show rookie, "this year has been the veteran" their big Comic Troupe is also funny group of actors preparing for the Spring Festival evening. But the reporter learned that this year is no longer a partner of Li Ding Li Yinfei, but in the comic theater and his many years of cooperation Dong Jianchun and Li Yinfei, and other team mate. CCTV chicken, general director of the show is the audience some strange, but in the industry with a great reputation of CCTV veteran director Yang Dongsheng. Although it is not clear whether this year’s Spring Festival evening show will be like last year, only the end of a crosstalk show. But the Spring Festival evening show that this year, CCTV Spring Festival evening show, the director of the language class program very seriously. Yang Dongsheng is put forward to "create high-quality programs, strive for excellence" approach. "Baotuan" participation into a bright new although the distance between the year of the rooster Gala has less than one hundred days, but because the chicken year CCTV Spring Festival director identified earlier, 2016 April opened the first workshop, so for each team, the language class program preparation time is relatively abundant. Reporters from CCTV insiders department was informed that this year the language class program is a remarkable feature of the comedy group — most of the "team" team, such as "hip-hop burden shop" just sent multiple actors, a total of three programs in the language class program preparation. The Miao Fu had also told reporters that he led the youth club song, also prepared three programs, covering a number of social hot topics. In addition, Beijing big funny comic team, Tianjin small theater crosstalk team is also preparing a lot. "Baotuan" expedition, let this year Spring Festival Gala Evening cast also highlighted the "old and new lively situation". For example, Miao Fu said, they want the youth club song young players to display. The Spring Festival Gala insider also revealed that many see group of actors of a team are involved in the show, "believe in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala audience can not only see the company plays the actor, can also see a lot of fresh faces." In addition, the major TV comedy programs to play a good outstanding players also enjoy相关的主题文章: