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Business When it .es to providing VOIP services Capanicus sets the standard for excellence VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) is a broadband Internet-based phone service as opposed to a traditional analog phone line. Voice over Internet protocol phone services have be.e increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the extraordinary savings that can be found when using a service of this type. Voice over Internet protocol services can also be coupled with Asterisk software which will essentially turn any PC into a server, allowing any .pany to efficiently manage its phone service needs voice over Internet protocol services can be used on any phone and/or mobile device capable of making calls, such as an android and iPhone a Blackberry, etc. even landlines with this service a .pany will be able to make local long distance and international calls with the greatest of ease, while achieving the greatest amount of savings for the business as possible some voice over Internet protocol services. However, only allow calls to be made to other devices with voice over Internet protocol. However, when a customer uses Capanicus they are able to call any phone or any other device anywhere in the world even if it is not using voice over Internet protocol. The services provided by Capanicus for meeting the needs of customers when it .es to voice over Internet protocol include: Asterisk dial plan in real time billing, customized IVR (interactive voice response) predictive/auto dialing services, voice broadcast and SMS broadcast, calling card and call center solutions, OpenSER, DID (direct inward dialing) callback and call forwarding, A2 billing customization and configuration, conferencing, click to call and IP, PBX installation maintenance and configuration. All these services are rolled into one convenient package, allowing a .pany to meet all their .munication needs, as well as have excellent technical support at an extremely affordable rate. These services are available in a variety of different packages, which can be adjusted as a given business expands, and its needs and market share grow having voice over Internet protocol services is rapidly essential in the business world. As broadband Internet phone service is capable of meeting the high demands placed on it by customers and .panies at an extremely affordable rate, which in the end will save a given .pany a significant amount of money. Voice over Internet protocol phone services can handle a high volume of traffic without the fear of the system bogged down, resulting in a loss of revenue and/or customers when it .es to VOIP services Capanicus does not disappoint their customers About the Author: 相关的主题文章: