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Briden plays "Red Star over China" tribute red spirit – Entertainment Sohu briden the first leading role of Sohu entertainment news recently, a brown hair and blue eyes, "Dave" Zhaxian screen has aroused widespread concern, many viewers said that "this is the first time to see the Red Foreigner starring drama, very fresh, and the popular the attention of the foreign actors is the" Red Star over Chinese "Edgar? He played Zhe Yuanming snow, by virtue of the deduction and outstanding character, star shining in October brought a touch of unusual color screen. "Red Star over Chinese" by Zang Yunfei as general director and screenwriter, directed by Zhao Dongyang, Liu Tao, Cheng Haofeng, Yuan Ming, Huang Haibing, Chiu Man-Cheuk, Cai Guoqing, Deng Ying, Kathy Chow, Sun Qian, Sun Hao, ray caroling, Qiu Lin and Jin Qiaoqiao, CO starring, currently Hunan TV crisis hit. Ming far the first leading role of red revolution "theme TV series star shine China" is by the Central Military Commission and Political Work Department propaganda bureau, Army Political Department backstage comrades and the Propaganda Department, the CPC Hunan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, Publicity Department of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, Hunan television station, Ningbo radio and television group, Zhejiang radio and Television Group Guangdong film group, Chongqing new Connaught Kahn Film Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Red Coral film Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Sunshine International Film Culture Co. Ltd., flourishing Liaoyuan (Ningbo) Television Culture Co. Ltd and Tianjin spring film investment development limited, Xi’an red day Television Culture Communication Co., Saatchi Liaoyuan (Beijing) International Film Investment Co. company, Shenzhen Minda Cultural Industry Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing United Power Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd., China National Trade association. The drama over a century in 30s and 40s as the background, by American journalist Edgar snow? Experience as the main line, describes the major historical events in Chinese and change, to restore the great history of the Communist Party and the Red Army Chinese development and growth. The play, Edgar? Snow played briden by seriously try to figure out, on the role of Edgar snow? Chinese 13 years traveling, living and thinking, and even change the learning progress and Chinese portrayed nuanced, lively and full of characters received a lot of praise. And for the first time in the history of the real existence of the characters, far Ming is also a big challenge. According to him, this is the first time he nanyihao, the entire more than and 800 play, full Chinese dialogue, the process is very hard but very enjoy, after the shooting is like waking up from a dream, the play of Edgar? Snow is like another dimension of their own. International Perspective of history, the same theme film and television dramas have on Edgar? Snow show, but most of them are glossed over, "Red Star over China" is the first to Edgar as the protagonist of the TV drama snow?. The play, Edgar snow? With a general understanding of the western world Chinese came to this mysterious oriental country, experienced Salaqi drought, saw the victims ignored by the national government, met with the Chinese Red Army and the rumors of the different. Edgar traveled, completed from the snow?.相关的主题文章: