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Mobile-Cell-Phone Ever since the development of operating systems has taken the big leap, Android has always been the big talk of the Mobile town. A strong .petitor for Blackberry and I-phone based mobile devices. This Google-owned mobile platform is used by renowned phone manufacturers. Google and other mobile software manufacturers have developed a huge collection of paid and free Android apps. To install these apps, one can directly download them via phone. Once the download is done, the apps get automatically installed in your phone. Or you can download these apps on your system to avoid the extra internet charges on your phone and use them on your mobile phone later on. Evernote It is a magical app that spares your fingers from pressing those tiny buttons. Find a matrimonial ad on the newspaper that you would normally clip out? How about that grocery list on the ref door that you would normally need to type into your phone’s note-taking feature? Evernote will find your note for even if it’s in not in text format, and even if you have dozens of other notes saved in your account. Vlingo Vlingo is a wonderful app which enables you minimize typing on your smartphone through voice .mands instead, to create text messages, update your Facebook status, or create personal notes. Vlingo’s basic version is free on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Symbian. And if one wishes to get the premium version, he or she has to pay a fee, which varies depending on which platform the person is using. Pandora A real boon for every music buff, Pandora detects your music preferences and automatically streams the tunes it thinks you will like into your smartphone. It keeps you away from repetitively listening to same kind of music. As well as it lets you stream the music for you while you carry on doing other important works in your phone. Bump A unique app lets you share snaps, contact data, videos, and bookmarks with other mobile phone users simply by bumping your phone against theirs.So now if you wish to be.e someones friend on facebook or to start a chat, simply bump it. Google Docs Gmote 2.0 This software lets you covert your smartphone into a remote control and use it for your .puter. Gmote 2.0 lets you to control your .puter when playing Medias such as music and movies. Besides functioning as a remote control, this app can also help you in presenting PowerPoint presentations and slide shows and also can turn your phone into a Wi-Fi touch pad. smartphones in India has gone through a radical revolution in past few years, there have been new brands emerging with advanced technology, Zen Mobile has been one of the brands which have talked about for its technological innovations. Google Voice 相关的主题文章: