Beijing snow will come Sunday to local snow blizzard Beijing

Beijing snow will come Sunday to local snow blizzard Beijing newspaper news (reporter correspondent Sun Leqi Xin Wen) today evening to night, the Beijing region is still moderate to severe haze, northern region with light rain (mountain sleet). Affected by cold air, fog and haze gradually weakened during the day tomorrow. By Sunday night tomorrow night, Beijing will usher in the city of snow, a cooling process, the maximum temperature will be below 0 DEG C next week. At present, the city in the convergence zone under the control of low pressure, the air humidity increases, weak wind, diffusion conditions, with the changes in the weather situation, the accumulation of pollutants in the evening to night, there will be a significant rise, the city this evening are still moderate to severe haze, air quality is poor, the public should pay attention to health protection, to minimize outdoor activities. Is affected by cold air, tomorrow during the day began to spread the haze weather conditions to improve, will disappear from the north to the south, but the weather is not good, it was still dark. Followed by the start from tomorrow night until Sunday night, affected by cold air, Beijing will usher in a city of snow to snow. Tomorrow night, Beijing from the north to the South began to rain or sleet, Sunday during the day will be converted to local snow, snow. On Sunday, most of the day there will be snow to snow (snow in the North), the night will be moderate to heavy snow, northern and western parts of the local blizzard, snow may last until Monday. This will be the first snow of the winter, most will be snow and ice roads. Affected by this round of cold air, the next week, the city will significantly reduce the temperature, the highest temperature during the day before the week will fall to about -3 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature of -7 degrees Celsius to -10. In addition, 21 to 22, Beijing region will be around the north wind of about four, gusts up to level six or seven, after the slow recovery of temperature in 24. J245相关的主题文章: