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Medicine Stress manifests itself in many ways. For those who do not know how to deal with extreme stressors, physical symptoms occur; compounding problems. There are millions of people worldwide taking drugs to ease their pain, hoping it will fix their problems. Unfortunately, these drugs are only a temporary fix. A pill can’t stop stressors from invading your life. Anxiety is a big problem that accompanies stress. Anxiety is caused by worrying constantly about big changes occurring in your life, worrying about problems that could occur, or worrying about things you can’t change. This only causes more stress. It leads to stomach problems, like diarrhea, ulcers, overeating and under eating. Chronic back pain, stiffness of the neck and jaw, and shoulder pain all accompany stress and anxiety, which only compounds the problem. Lack of sleep or insomnia, fatigue, depression, aggressive behavior, crying jags, lack of communication or even too much complaining and extreme negativity are all signs of too much stress in your life. Fortunately, doctors have made huge strides in learning about stressors and how to combat the effects of stress. Stopping worrying about things you can’t change, while easier said than done, is one way to help break the cycle of anxiety and stress. Setting small goals that can be realistically attained can give you a sense of accomplishment. This gives you the drive and ambition to tackle the bigger problems in life that are holding you back. Even something as simple as cleaning one room in your house, washing your car or doing a one week budget can help ease stress enormously. Answering those collections calls and explaining your situation is another way to deal with stress. Eating better food and exercising is a great way, even one of the best ways, to combat stress. This seems like stupid advice, but it’s true. Cutting back on meat intake, eating home cooked meals and less caffeine helps you and your family be healthier, lose weight and sleep better. Exercising helps ditch some of the extra energy built up in your body caused by stress. When stress sits in the body, it only makes you tight. Simple exercises, like jumping jacks or just taking a short walk can make all the difference in the world. If you know how to meditate, it’s a great addition to your care regimen. It has been said that 15 minutes of meditating is worth 2 hours of rest. To learn simple tricks like meditating, look it up online or take an energy healing course. Dr. Yuen is the creator of the Yuen Method. He is giving a free energy healing course to help you to resolve headaches and learn pain elimination techniques. These courses offer instant healing from the effects of stress through an energetic healing method. To learn more, go to .www.yuenmethod.com/store/cart.php About the Author: Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, Grandmaster of Kung-Fu, Colonel in the International Police Force and founder of the Yuen Method of Healing, developed this revolutionary new type of healing by combining practical military experience, Chinese Medicine, psychiatry methods and kung fu. Classes in Energetic Healing are free for a limited time to anyone who wants to change the way they feal, eliminate headaches, deal better with stress, and eliminate pain. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Medicine 相关的主题文章: