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Sales-Management Here are a few simple tips to help you structure a B2B customer loyalty program: 1. Know Your .petitors Find out is if your .petitors are running their own B2B customer loyalty programs. If they are, you need to find out what promotions theyre focusing on, what their payout scale looks like, and how theyre marketing it. Your customer loyalty program should be better than theirs to achieve maximum results. If you run a subpar program, then you might as well not run a program at all. 2. Know Your Business & Sales Channels You need to have a firm understanding of the products you want to promote, the sales channels included, and the reward type best suited to your demographic, and the behaviors you want to reproduce through incentives. 3. Decide On Products & Promotions This goes back to deciding which behaviors you want to incent. Are you launching a customer loyalty program to move old products that you arent producing anymore? Or are you launching a new line and want to familiarize your channels and end users with its benefits? These are things you need to consider when planning your customer loyalty program. 4. The Payout Has To Be Worth Your Customers Time Dont expect your customers and sales channels to participate in your B2B customer loyalty program if the rewards arent worth their time. Provide an appropriate reward selection that your buyers can really sink their teeth into, like the Loyaltyworks online reward catalog, which contains millions of items like merchandise, travel, event tickets and more (yes its shameless plugging but it works!). 5. Incent The Right People Your B2B customer loyalty program cant be the only thing driving your business. If youre using a customer loyalty program to drive sales, then you also have to think about the sales people selling the product and your program and incent them to sell the product via a sales incentive program. You should even consider the end users of your product, the consumers, and design your program to include them with special offers and rebates. When all the gears are oiled and motivated to move the product you want moved, then your program will produce greater revenue and a higher ROI. 6. .municate If nobody knows about your customer loyalty program and the promotions involved, nobody will participate in them. .municate with your channels,have them .municate with their channels, end users and so on. Be consistent with your messaging. Include customized .munication plans that send out emails, text blasts and more. Your customer loyalty program must remain top of mind. At Loyaltyworks weve been creating customer loyalty and all other types of incentive programs for over 35 years. Weve helped thousands of .panies achieve their desired results and we can do the same for you. Call us at 1-800-844-5000 or fill out one of our contact forms and let us show you what we can do for you today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: