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The new regulations: his car crashed into their car insurance insurance also have to pay for the original title: his car hit from the family, also have to pay for insurance to buy insurance but also lose money? Auto insurance should be how to buy? Lawyers analysis, the new provisions of the insured insurance risk of the three family members belonging to the scope of responsibility, the insurance company shall not take "the family is not three" on the grounds of their own refusal was hit by a car, can not be considered a "three party" awarded? Hunan said that the director of law firm Yuan Xiao yuan end an interview with reporters, which means the exemption clause to prevent potentially fraudulent, but in some traffic accidents, the insurance company exclusions reasons, "family deductible" has long been criticized by the society. However, according to the new terms of commercial insurance, the insured person’s family members have been included in the third party liability insurance liability. According to the specific circumstances of the case, the insurance company will not be on the "family is not the three" on the grounds of refusal. Case: daughter was unfortunately father drove a day before the 2014 New Year’s Eve killed, a driving Guangdong AXXXXX mini bus with one family ready to return home to the Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Longshan County over the holidays. All the way a car accidentally rear, in dealing with the accident, a daughter of Dan get off to rest, suddenly back driving Lee and driving a vehicle collision, Dennis was died down after injury. After the accident, the Hunan provincial highway traffic police detachment found that in this three car accident, the driver of the same responsibility for the three cars. But the insurance company has to Dennis does not belong to the "three party" on the grounds of refusal. After a choice, a full and his wife will be insured by the insurance company sued the court, the compensation for the loss of a total of more than 80 yuan. In court, the focus of controversy is the biggest Dennis is a daughter of a insurance company shall not be liable for compensation? According to the court, the couple eventually received a total compensation of more than 74 yuan, of which a full insurance company to bear the risk of liability insurance and commercial three party liability insurance liability nearly $160 thousand. Lawyer: the insurance company should not reject the reporter learned that the case involves a criticism of the provisions of the king – "family deductible", which is when the insured and the driver’s family members because of the car accident caused personal injury and property damage that cannot be identified as "third" insurance does not pay. At present, many insurance companies excluded four people in the implementation of the third party liability insurance claims, the insured, the insurer, the driver’s car accident and their family members. In other words, the family has become a common problem in the insurance industry. The reason why the family members listed as being one of the third four party liability insurance exclusions, the main purpose is to prevent potentially fraudulent, prevent the occurrence of moral hazard, reduce the loss of insurance companies. Yuan Xiao said that the establishment of the insurance contract terms are intended to prevent moral hazard, to avoid some of the insured relatives after the insured deliberately injured or killed by the insured, insurance claim and other criminal acts. Based on illegal behavior to seek benefits in the world will not be supported by law." Yuan Xiao said, specific to the case, there is no intentional insurance accident insurance fraud on the premise of the establishment of the insurance company claims responsibility belongs to its相关的主题文章: