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Travel-and-Leisure Alexandria is one of the most historic places of tourist interest in Egypt, and if you are traveling to the country, you will surely not want to miss it. Especially that Alexandra luxury hotels are attractions themselves. Placed on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria extends a cosy environ to its visitors. Alexandria tours melt your heart in such way that you tend to carry on the unforgettable memories rendered by this placid city for the rest of your life. You may wonder how? but the city does succeed in doing so with its charismatic location. Dipped in the history of Egypt, Alexandria was the cradle of Egyptian civilization. You will feel amazed and thrilled to know that most of the hotel ac.modations listed in the Alexandria tours and packages were once the courtyard of some mighty Egyptian prince. Every street you walk or any of the ruins of the city that you see have the most splendid stories to tell. There is so much courage, valor, defiance and drama at every nook and cranny, that there is not a moment you can find to be bored! Even though the climatic conditions are severs, the remarkable people of this city have adapted and turned things in their favor. With their ingenuity, they have .e up with a thrilling activity like dune bashing, which you can enjoy along your Nile cruise. Alexandria luxury hotels are the Egyptians’ way of giving the world a first-hand experience of their unique culture. You can see the ethnicity in all the furniture, fabric and the accessories used in these hotels. As far as possible these hotels try to give the visitor a feel of what life in Egypt is all about. They offer you a menu that is typically Egyptian, all kinds of artifacts, and of course elaborate baths and beauty and spa treatments made famous by their favorite queen, Cleopatra. Some of the unique features of the rooms of this hotel are traditional Egyptian style decor, king-sized bathrooms, and wireless access in designer tents. Alexandria luxury hotels are a perfect .bo of standard services, high-end ac.modation, and fine dining experience. The royal hospitality extended by these luxury class hotels stands apart from that of the luxury hotels placed anywhere in the world. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: