A girl in Changsha falls in a play and pencil goes straight into her ear-g227

A girl playing in Changsha fell straight into the pencil ear after the original title: Changsha a girl in the family play fell straight into the ear after the pencil into the pencil behind the right ear sissy. Changsha palm Changsha September 20th evening news today, Ms. Lee hugged crying daughter Sisi (a pseudonym), rushed into the Changsha central hospital emergency department, "doctor, come and see my daughter!" the doctor at the back of a pencil in the girl’s ear into the body, only the end exposed broken about 1 cm, the injury is not optimistic. Ms. Lee to see 6 year old sitting on the sofa to write sissy, will go to the kitchen to cook, I did not expect just a few minutes, heard her daughter with a cry and cry, ran to look, her daughter was injured. Sisi cried, she finished writing with a pencil and play down pencil inserted into her ear. The CT scans showed that the pencil ramp into the CC’s right parotid gland and the infratemporal fossa, near the maxillary artery, to the surgery more difficult. The surgical team carefully put the pencil and surrounding soft tissues were isolated, a little pencil will pull out, standby assistant ready in case of massive hemorrhage rescue. Finally, the sharp head slowly pulled out, no damage and large vessels, film examination, no residual foreign body. The Central Hospital Department of ENT physician Zhou Dinggang introduction, in daily life, parents should try not to let the sharp objects in preschool children with hard, play, not play while running and jumping. In case a foreign body into the body, should immediately seek medical treatment, do not blindly pull out, so as to avoid injury of peripheral blood vessels, or cause foreign body retention in fracture. (Changsha evening news reporter Peng Fang correspondent Wang Manjing Fu Qing) recommended Video: Fall pencil inserted skull Xiangtan girl home

长沙一女孩家中玩耍摔一跤 铅笔径直插入耳后原标题:长沙一女孩家中玩耍摔一跤 铅笔径直插入耳后铅笔插入茜茜右耳后方。长沙晚报掌上长沙9月20日讯 今日,李女士抱着哇哇大哭的女儿茜茜(化名),冲进长沙市中心医院急诊科,“医生,快来看看我女儿!”接诊医生一看,一根铅笔从小女孩的右耳后部插入体内,只剩约1厘米的折断端露在外面,伤情不容乐观。李女士看6岁的茜茜坐在沙发上认真写字,便去厨房做饭了,没想到刚过了几分钟,听到女儿哇的一声大哭,跑过来一看,女儿受伤了。茜茜哭着说,她写完字拿着铅笔玩耍,一跤摔下去铅笔插进了她的耳后。CT扫描显示,铅笔斜插入茜茜的右侧腮腺区和颞下窝,靠近上颌动脉,给手术带来不小的难度。手术团队小心翼翼地将铅笔与周围软组织进行分离,一点点将铅笔拔出,一旁待命的助手随时准备着万一出现大出血进行抢救。终于,尖锐的笔头慢慢抽出,没有损及大血管,拍片检查,未见异物残留。市中心医院耳鼻喉科主治医师周定刚介绍,日常生活中,家长应尽可能不让学龄前儿童拿硬的、尖锐物品玩耍,更不能边玩边跑跳。万一发生异物插入身体的情况,应赶紧就医,千万不要盲目拔出,以免误伤周边血管,或导致异物断裂存留体内。(长沙晚报 记者 彭放 通讯员 王蔓菁 符晴)推荐视频: 湘潭女孩家中跌倒 铅笔插入头颅相关的主题文章: