A Chongqing man who crashed after the alarm didn’t remember your license plate number 3u8813

A Chongqing man who crashed after the alarm didn’t remember your license plate number is assigned to the top of the driver package Chongqing evening news   vehicle accident alarm, the man does not remember the license plate number, the police investigation found that the perpetrators claimed is a scapegoat. Chongqing evening news reporter was informed yesterday, top contractors alleged perjury investigation. On September 24th at 5:40 in the morning, Dadukou District Traffic and patrol police detachment of police received an alarm call. Chen claimed to alarm people driving traffic accidents occurred in the vicinity of the Qie Zi Xi Railway Station, currently injured have to accompany their general hospital in chongqing. Police asked the phone after the incident, and verify Chen driving information. When asked about the license plate number, the police hesitated for a moment, claiming to be borrowed car, the number is not clear, then hastily hung up the phone. "Traffic accidents, do not remember the license plate number?" Let the people feel the police occupation sensitivity may be tricky. After police arrived at the scene, a man claiming to be the owner of the accident Chen is waiting at the scene. She told the police, Chen has injured aboard with 120 ambulances to Chongqing General Hospital, she arrived at the scene to see the vehicle parked in the road also launched, afraid of the way put the car to the roadside. Survey the scene, the woman said in front of the car in the garage to move between the direction of the two lane, the front forward toward the front. But the strange thing is, the car left front wheel and fresh traces and on the road along the scratch. This shows that the incident is likely to hit the vehicle on the lane. Rushed to the General Hospital of Chongqing Chen police for questioning. Chen of the incident when the situation described clearly, but asked the details began to falter. Police immediately brought back to the scene of the accident investigation. Chen describes a lot of details before and after the conflict, which caused a further increase in the suspect suspect. Through the ideological work, Chen finally confessed to the top of the package, and pointed out that the actual driver identity with the original, the people really rely on a day to drink some wine, hit passers-by, for fear of drunk driving checked that inform the factory boss, after consultation call Chen to the top of the package. Injured Jane died of a rescue, police recently arrested the perpetrators arrested. Whether or not to rely on drunk driving further investigation, but has been suspected of causing traffic casualties, will face severe criminal penalties. The top of the package will be also suspected of perjury investigation. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent   Xia Jing   photo coverage相关的主题文章: