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Games Christmas is once again upon us, and everyone is searching for the perfect present, today people want to give different things to the usual jumpers, hankies, talcum powder, gloves etc., etc. A brilliant gift this Christmas for all the family to enjoy is a PlayStation 3, now you may have heard that Sony have had their share of problems this year with the security breach, and faults have been logged, but ask any loyal gamer and they will recommend the PlayStation 3 as the best gaming console on the market. This gaming console is considered to be the most luxurious console of all time, and after many years of investing Sony have managed to achieve the accolade of designing the perfect console, offering everything that you can ask for in a complete entertainment system, furthermore is perfect for all ages, and a great family gaming tool. Every year improvements are made to the hardware and the emphasis is placed on online play and multimedia, offering full compatibility with the popular Blu-Ray format and enhancing its online capabilities, thus taking it a step beyond the typical range of video game consoles. A perfect gift for Christmas bought for the whole family to enjoy, some may find the price tag a bit high but on the other hand others would argue that it is worth every single penny. The entire attributes of this console that no other device on the planet has, must be taken into account, the ability to watch Blu-ray movies, HDMI support, Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth 2.0, not to mention a huge 250 GB hard disk, cell processor, USB and SD ports for added external memory. If problems set in with the console, Sony do offer a variety of options for help and support encompassing PlayStation 3 repair service, but this can take time, as Sony may keep the console for up to 3 or 4 weeks, and of course will cost you to send back to them. A spokesman for PS Pros a PlayStation 3 repair facility said because of our work on all PlayStations we are highly regarded within the industry, we offer the customer a same day PlayStation 3 repair service, if you are local to our premises in London we will carry out any repair while you wait, also if you live outside London we offer a postal, we pick up from your location and deliver back free, we also carry out the repair the same day of receiving the console. We offer a 90 day warranty on all repairs and you will not find a better price anywhere. A PlayStation 3 repair can take no time at all a typical time frame would be about 40 minutes, and our prices come in from 30.00 depending on the fault Technology moves on and bigger and better things hit the market every day, but Sony have come up with a winner in the PlayStation 3 console, the games are second to none, this mean machine can give hours of entertainment to the whole family, and it has weathered the storm of the security breach earlier this year, Sony have put in a higher level of security to make sure this does not happen again. Christmas is a coming be confident in this product and invest in a PlayStation 3 this Christmas. For further information visit: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: