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Travel-and-Leisure San Diego Vacations: Height of Delight San Diego boasts of a wide choice of amusement parks. Knotts Berry Farm is a well known park in America. This park is situated in Buena Vista, California and contains nine stimulating roller coaster rides and four water slides. Every year, this park turns into Knotts Scary Farm during Halloween and then into Knotts Merry Farm during spring season. Another exciting amusement park to visit is the Belmont Park. It forms a vital part of Californias history. One of its most famous rides is the Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster that started in 1925. SeaWorld San Diego is another must see item on the list. The experience of being in the midst of dolphins, sharks, whales and penguins is phenomenal. Disney land or The happiest place on Earth as it is commonly known, is the second most visited park in the entire world. Spend Spring Break in San Diego One tradition for colleges is Spring break which falls around Easter and allows college students to spend some time either studying or partying before the school year ends. Most students party during spring break, and go to beaches to spend some time in the sun so they can enjoy themselves outside after months of winter weather. An excellent Spring Break spot is San Diego as there are countless sandy beaches which provide activities like surfing, jet skiing, hang gliding, and sailing. Great places to go to include Mission or Pacific Beach since you can lay on the beach, catch a game of volleyball, cruise on the boardwalk or just enjoy the Wave House a man made wave machine. Nightlife is best at Gaslamp District Town which is full of clubs and restaurants for young adults to hang out in, as well as shopping arcades at the Horton Plaza. Romantic Places in Diego for your Vacation San Diego is an absolutely amazing place to go to for a romantic vacation as there are many places perfect for couples. The first place that comes to mind is the fireworks at Sea World which can be seen from a San Diego beach while you have a bonfire going to keep you warm and cozy. While on the beach, you can also take in a spectacular sunset over the Pacific as this is one of the most unique things about the West Coast. Horse-drawn carriages can add a touch of fairytale to your holiday as you get cozy under a blanket and ride along the waterfront. Cruises through the bay provide multiple-course meals, excellent music, dancing and much more for couples looking for a fun night out. You can also ride a gondola through the waters of Coronado Island while you sip some exquisite wine. San Diego Vacations: Adventure Vacations Numerous water sports and beaches make San Diego the perfect holiday spot for adventure vacation lovers. Swimming is one of the most popular sports, obviously, as there are a lot of beaches and perfect beach conditions almost throughout the year. For sailing, jet skiing or windsurfing, head to Mission Bay. Good sailors will also enjoy sailing at Chula Vista or Point Loma or whale watching with a guided tour out in the water. There are also excellent dive locations like Yukon, Ruby E and Wreck Alley, and there are many operators with tours to the Coronado Islands as well. The Torrey Pines Glider Port at La Jolla is an excellent place for hang gliding, but you can also go hang gliding at the cliffs over the Pacific. Finally you can also go rock climbing, kayaking or hiking and biking while in San Diego. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: