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Real-Estate An office is a place which represents your business, a place where your customers and suppliers can come to execute transactions and where from you can carry out all commercial and legal activities. There is a great difference between residential premises and a business premises. Both of them have their requirements and some of which are quite opposite to each other. Given below are some points to check before you final the deal of your new office. Approach – The office should be approachable to all customers and suppliers. It should be easily accessible by you and your staff too. Better if it is on the route of public transports. Opening an office at remote location might add to the cost of operation, and might consume a lot of time in transit. If office is far from the local residential areas, you will need to provide conveyance facilities for your staff. If it is separated from the commercial areas in your locality, chances are your customers, suppliers, and even service providers would try to avoid visits to your place. Amenities – Office is a place where you and your staff would spend 8 hours, the largest part of your day. Therefore you need to have water, tea, coffee and toiletries available to your disposal. There should be proper provisions for light, air and electricity. The office space should be large enough to accommodate your staff and visitors comfortably. Facilities – more comfortable you and your staff members are, the more productive you will get. That is why many organizations are offering multiple facilities to the convenience of their staff members. You should also make sure availability of electricity, telephone lines, and internet connections in the area. It is good if you could provide private space, smoking zone, and rest area to your staff and to your visitors too. Location – the location of your office is going to affect your prospects very much. The best location for your office is where many other offices are available. This makes it easy to access the best infrastructure, amenities, facilities, and services without an extra cost. If you have to get these facilities installed at a remote area, you will have to pay extra charge for it, but if your office is within a commercial area, you will get all such public facilities installed at minimum charges. Besides it will become easily accessible by anyone without requiring you to explain the map. Besides above you should always be considerate of the general expenses that an office is usually entitled to. The need of bringing cost of office space to minimum possible extent has introduced a new concept of shared office space. These office condominiums or office condos are the best option for small business owners who want to own their own office but, at the same time, need to save money on some basic amenities such as toiletries, telephone, reception area, internet, etc. these office condos can be purchased at a installment lower than that you would need to pay as rent of any leased office space. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: