using a few daily. App market which was incepted by iPhone app store is still lead by it despite of fierce competition from Android 女孩转5万见网友 中国北极迎首降雪

Arts-and-Entertainment This is an era of Smartphone and Smart devices where everyone is hooked to their devices browsing through numerous apps every single day, using a few daily. App market which was incepted by iPhone app store is still lead by it despite of fierce competition from Android, Blackberry and Windows. Study shows that maximum app buying activities takes place on the iOS platform which makes it very attractive to the developers and the publishers but everything requires money and not everyone has money but it is also a clear fact that everyone with money does have a brilliant idea so this is where funding comes into the picture where people with investable money meets the new ideas which will make more money. Recently application Hike was funded by Bharti Softbank which is a live example of how innovative app make its way into stardom without creators to take a big risk and invest their private money because there is a good chance that the app can fail and everything including hard work and hard earned money will go in vain. But everyone knows that app funders are there but everyone does not get the funding. Statistically speaking hardly 0.5% of the app developers get the funding whereas the rest 99.5% ride the luck train. But what makes app funding so difficult? Not everyone can sell no matter how good an idea is and same is the case with pitching the idea for an awesome app in some non awesome fashion which could literally turn off the investor. Timing is the key to everything, most of us do not have the right contact so let’s be patient and build a social network via professional sites like LinkedIn and slowly connecting with them on the personal and professional level making you aware of their work philosophy. Always know your investor like the way you should know your target audience for the app because ultimately it is in the hands of the investor to decide if they want to fund you or not and they are also human so knowing every relevant detail will help nail the deal. Angel investor is the person you are looking for because he will be the giving you initial funds to work upon and then comes 1st and 2nd round of funding if required but one must prove that their idea is worth making money from like Hike or Angry Birds or Facebook. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: