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Travel-and-Leisure Barcelona Hotels and Adjacent Cities Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the loveliest and most interesting places in the whole of Europe. There is a special feeling which abounds in all its different facets from its shops, boulevards, and architecture to even its air which insists you to stay behind for sometime more. The citys relaxed atmosphere charms you to saunter and walk through the place and the adjacent cities and towns too, without any urgency. Badalona is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia, and just a few kilometers away from Barcelona. Being influenced by the Roman culture, it takes pride in a unique and extraordinary sculpture, the Venus of Badalona, which signifies that this town was once a rich Roman metropolitan, something worth looking into. Gava of Catalonia also attracts a number of tourists mainly due to its fabulous destination spots and accommodation choices which are known to offer entertainment and respite in the same manner as with Barcelona hotels. Historical buildings, museums, and other landmarks also abound Gava, and it is an urbanized town along the breathtaking beachside. Utmost Comfort at Barcelona Hotels The basic point of taking a vacation is to search for a hotel which would provide the same happiness and relaxation as our home. And of the Barcelona hotels that promise you these, the Hotel Arts is definitely on the top list. To explore this wonderful hotel and to be offered the opportunity to book at this grand hotel would be an intelligent thing to do, which clearly guarantees you a fulfilling and tranquil vacation. The Hotel Arts Barcelona overlooks the Mediterranean Sea with a panoramic view of the Port Olimpic, where your every stress just melts away. The visitors take immense joy in trying out the first-class amenities of the hotel in the form of the 483 accommodations with striking sights of the city and the beach, a ravishing outdoor pool, a fine assortment of Spanish crafts and arts, and the five restaurants of the hotel which bring you only the best food to fulfill your cravings. This esteemed hotel is a constituent of the Ritz Carlton hotel line and completely spell-binds the visitors for its easy accessibility and awe-inspiring architecture which, making it an excellent house away from your very own. Flights, Tours and Barcelona Hotels Ever thought about affordable plane trips to the city of Barcelona in Spain?The prime thing in every sightseers mind is to cut down their budget wherever possible, and the amazing deals and packages would surely give him the best way to achieve it. Various air travels have been started from United Kingdom or Ireland to Barcelona city, which falls in the economical range. You would most likely be in search for some budget airlines for your flight to Barcelona, so here are a few that you may want to try out. These are the Easy Jet-Aer Lingus, BMI Baby, FlyGlobespan-Germanwings, Jet2, FlyGlobespan and Avro-Monarch-BMI Baby. Open top bus tours will be the best choice for an economical trip as these buses operate the whole day and let you discover the city in a perfect and organized way. Also, make it a point to book your reservations at any of the hospitable Barcelona hotels which would give you the proper rest and rejuvenation at the end of the day, to help you start afresh the day after. Sightseeing in Barcelona and Barcelona Hotels Summer is usually the favorite time for family vacations and trips, and it is also the peak season when most tourists have their flights booked to Barcelona, one of the most favorite and famous tourist destinations in Spain. Getting around the city of Barcelona is easy when you have made prior reservations in one of the superb Barcelona hotels that you can find in almost anywhere in the city. Take the case of the Olivia Plaza Hotel, which well fits into your convenience as several tourist spots are located quite near the place. As an illustration, the Ramblas is located very close to this hotel which houses several top destination spots like the Wax Museum, Modernist Boqueria Market, Erotica Museum and the Christopher Columbus monument. The hotel is quite near to various exceptional restaurants and shops and is also suitably situated in the bus and metro linkages, which makes it all the more worthwhile to be staying in here. Traveling around Barcelona cannot be made more convenient than staying at one of the cordial Barcelona hotels which help you reach your favored attractions in no time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: