Kevin Tmim – As humans we have a number of needs. Two of those needs are 1 小腿被蚊子叮溃烂

Motivation To have eaten some strange food and to have taken pictures of people wearing funny cloths is not enough to say that you know a certain culture. One exposure to culture does not mean you have seen it all. It just means that you met people who have different personalities and who are living in a culture with its own habits, symbols, rituals and values. Cultural exchange with other countries, groups or organizations is very important and it means deepening the understanding of certain culture and promoting international friendship and good will. Most countries, organizations and groups have recognized the importance of cultural exchange and have been making active efforts through their structure to expand such exchanges. Education is one such podium through which cultural exchange is possible in larger scale. And boarding schools are considered to be the appropriate place for such endeavor. India is often known as the best destination of cultural exchange since we have flourished and enriched cultural foundation. The ongoing trend in India shows us a very positive sign which is the increased number of international boarding schools in India who ensure the exchange of culture and tradition through the collaboration with foreign countries. Students from various parts of the world come under single roof and stay together where they learn the basic human attribute like compassionate feeling for others and the unity in diversity. Cultural exchanges help in various ways but for that purpose there should be proper understanding about others culture. Cultural exchange is nothing but the better understanding of others culture and enhancement of prevailing culture with the positive and healthier aspects of others culture. In schools this process is made easy through the celebration of each tradition on various occasions and en number camps and other programs. For example we can take Oakridge international School in Vizag which stand ahead with their cultural exchange programs inculcating foreign students and provide opportunity to children to understand the diversity and richness in all the culture and it pave the way to improve the cultural foundation of everyone. Cultural exchange programs serve as an important means of introducing people around the world to ideas they might not normally be exposed to. Many barriers have begun to fall between people around the world, with near instantaneous communication allowing people on opposite side of the world to meaningfully interact. Programs that can encourage people to appreciate and understand distinct culture will play a key role in creating a brighter and enriched world. About the Author: By: Allison Bright – Some people stay motivated for a week or two after setting a New Years resolution. If youre lucky you might last a month. A new year’s resolution can be achieved with t … By: Kevin Tmim – As humans we have a number of needs. Two of those needs are 1: The need for certainty, and, 2: The need for uncertainty. The need for certainty brings about peace of mind, and … By: create global future – For humans in dealing with the defeats and failures is generally not a simple or easy matter. Despite all the work that positive thinking can develop in the minds and hearts of … By: Sandy Z – Do you lie? Most of believe we have integrity, but there is one person we lie to all the time. That’s you. You are not truthful with yourself. How can you become more truth … By: Sandy Z – We are all given talents. How do we use our talents? Most of us use our talents as a hobby and we have a job that we hate. Is that you? By: Sandy Z – We have so many temptations. How do we resist them? We resist by getting our ourselves and not getting started with the thing that tempts us in the first place? What tempts … By: Sandy Z – We all have our big hairy audacious goals. I’ll be you know what they are. Do you know how to get there. When you see that goal your brain will shut down because you don’t h … By: Sandy Z – If you want to win in life you need a winning attitude. That’s right, you can have all the knowledge and book learning in the world but if you don’t get over yourself and have … By: Sandy Z – Everyone has to pay the price of success. If you go to college you have to spend at least four years and a lot of money. The college route just isn’t as successful as it used … By: Strictly Motivational – Life usually presents us with opportunities that will help us achieve success in our chosen field of endeavor. It is therefore imperative that one be prepared for that opportun … 相关的主题文章: