9 Important Facts To Consider About Dentures And Dental Implant Costs, Part 1-yezimei

Dental-Care Many patients are .pletely unaware of the consequences of allowing missing teeth to go without replacement. And by replacement we are referring to the entire missing tooth, including the root and not just the visible crown. Dental implant costs afford patients a solution to missing teeth that replaces both the root and the crown. What is the importance of this? Why not just invest in dental bridges or denture costs? When teeth are lost, the bone tissue surrounding the lost root immediately begins to atrophy and waste away. This has all sorts of long-term consequences for bite functionality, smile aesthetics and overall oral health; problems that require far more expensive and invasive measures to fix in the long run. For this reason, dental implant costs offer an optimal treatment plan. So, before you think you are saving yourself money by opting for inferior tooth replacement technologies check out the following important facts about denture costs. 1. Dental Implant Costs: Did you know that wearing removable dentures, or false teeth, accelerates the loss of bone tissue in the underlying jaw? Just like the muscles in your body, bone tissues require exercise or stimulation. And its the job of the tooth roots to provide this stimulation. So, when one or more teeth are lost and left without replacement, the underlying bone tissue atrophies. Over time, the changing shape of the jaw bone causes dentures to fit less and less, necessitating a new set of dentures to be made. Dental Implant Costs: What You Can Do ~ Never ignore a missing tooth. Have them immediately replaced with a technology that will ensure the long term health of the underlying jaw bone. By covering dental implant costs, you will not only enjoy a much better quality of life and greater smile confidence, but you will also help to keep your jaw bone alive and healthy, thus preventing premature aging and further tooth loss. 2. Dental Implant Costs: Did you know that only 40% of all patients are, at the end of a five-year period, still wearing the same original denture made for them? Hows this for a statement about value and functionality? The fact is, denture costs do not get you a tooth replacement product that is built to last. And this has a lot to do with the previous point about bone loss in the jaw. Removable dentures do nothing to keep the underlying jaw bone alive and healthy. As the jaw changes shape, due to atrophication and resorption, dentures that once fit snugly begin slipping more and more, feeling increasingly un.fortable for the patient to wear. Even if, after five years, your dentures still fit and function, you are losing valuable supporting bone volume. Dental Implant Costs: What You Can Do ~ Dental implant costs offer a much healthier and long-lasting solution to missing teeth. By opting instead for denture costs, you are consigning your smile aesthetics, bite functionality and youthful facial contours to an early death. Dental Implant Costs: Stay Tuned To read more interesting facts about removable dentures and dental implant costs, stay tuned for the second installment of this three-part article series. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: