Business Singapore is known for providing world-class level of goods and services from all types of industry 河北传销组织聚会 普京隔空喊话科米

Business Singapore is known for providing world-class level of goods and services from all types of industry, both for local residents and foreigners. A company registration specialist aims to maintain their excellent company registration services by providing concise registration requirements and process flow to local and foreign applicants, helping applicants examine and identify registration needs and by adhering religiously to the incorporation’s rules and regulations. Listed below are essential ideas or information that an applicant should always remember in registering a company in Singapore It would be best to take note of the following: Company Name. Approval of company name should be done first before incorporation in Singapore. Directors.Strongly stated that only one resident director must be present. Addition of directors is not a problem since they allow unlimited addition of directors. Directors must be at least 18 years of age and must not be bankrupt or convicted for any malpractice in the past. Shareholders. A company is given at least one and maximum of 50 shareholders. Director and shareholder are given the chance to be only one or with different position. The shareholder can be a person or another legal entity such as another company or trust. 100% local or foreign shareholding is allowed. Company Secretary. Mandatory that a company should appoint a secretary by the time they were incorporated. Requirement for a secretary is that he/she should be a local resident in nature. Paid-up Capital.The least paid up capital should necessarily be S$1. Paid-up capital (also known as share capital) can be increased anytime after the incorporation of the company. Concept of Authorized Capital for Singapore companies is not considered. Registered Address.Registered address should be a local Singapore address to be approved. Physical address is only allowed so P.O Box is considered invalid address. Taxation. One main attraction in Singapore for businessmen is that they have this some sort of tax exemptions which would give a great advantage to them. Businessmen think that they are fortunate for having some tax exemptions that’s they always make it a point to invest in Singapore. After having a brief overview of the above considerations and still you feel the need for further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact immediately an authorized business registration firm for consultation and registration processing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: