Internet fraud last year, nearly 70% yuan per capita loss of over the victim is male 美在叙部署武器 日本投降72周年


super 70% victims are male tier cities suffered heavy losses

hunting net platform recently released 2016 "network fraud Trends Research Report" shows that the per capita losses caused by the victims of the fraud in 2016 reached 9471 yuan, which accounted for 73.6% of male victims. According to the report, the 2016 hunting net platform received Internet fraud report of 20623 cases, the total amount to 1.95 million yuan. Compared with 2015, the per capita loss of Internet fraud increased by 85.5%.

financial fraud victims loss of up to


report pointed out that in 2016 reported the largest number of types of fraud is the false part, appeared in a total of 4550 cases of false part-time fraud, accounting for 22.1%; followed by the online trading, false shopping, financial planning, virtual goods and fake identity.

to the amount involved in the statistics, financial management is the victim of the largest loss of the type of fraud funds last year, involving up to 74 million 114 thousand yuan. Followed by gambling gambling fraud, fake part-time, posing as fraud involving third and fourth.

from the network fraud victims of the geographical distribution, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan and Sichuan cheated the user up to 35.4% of the total number of users to report the total number of users reported.

report also shows that the first tier cities fraud victims suffered heavy losses. First tier cities in developed economies, online shopping and mobile payment is highly popular, Beijing Internet users to report the amount of fraud losses reached 9 million 32 thousand yuan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the amount of loss is also more than $.

18 to 29 years old young people is still the most concentrated age for Internet fraud victims, accounting for 64.9% of all victims; the elderly are the number is not outstanding, but the amount is far more than young people cheated.

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