The most beautiful medical students in history, the devil’s face! 巴基斯坦反美游行 飞机上做不雅之事


recently, an intern female doctor burst red network, Yan gao!

beauty is beautiful, but did not conquer me……"

what do you say, have not been conquered by Yan value?

do you feel the muscles!

ha ha ha, little heart still?!

yes, she is known as the history of the most medical students, the Korean Jisu Lee, not only the high value of the yen, the more terrible is that she is still a fitness enthusiast, who participated in professional bodybuilding competition oh ~

come back with a set of contrast. In fact, the original shape of the girl is great, but after fitness, body strength!

only feel full screen angel face and devil figure ah!

looked so much muscle, we switch to the intern work mode, experience under the white coat style!

had to admit that a person is good to wear what!

, however, here, Xiaobian tell you a bad news – people already have a boyfriend!

well, the good news is that her boyfriend is not as handsome as you! 233333333……

but they already have children. –