4 year old girl mistakenly driving electric car accident, said do not save me pork face

4 year old girl mistakenly driving electric cars injured in the accident and said: "Mom, I don’t get me wrong, I’ll give you trouble……" The 4 year old Wandy shock coma opened his eyes the first words let Junjun mother burst into tears. A few minutes ago, it was clever, obedient child suddenly start electric tricycle power down the road, overturned a tricycle sandwiched between the car and the prince tree remain unconscious. This was a happy family moment collapse, the huge medical expenses for poor families again suffered heavy losses, but the prince mother insisted to save this child. While in the intensive care and strong love mother, mother, I don’t want to die, but no money, don’t save me…… With Grandpa sent misoperation accident of electric vehicles pear on September 17th, Chaoyang City Jianping County, Sun Guojuan as usual on the side of the road selling Nanguoli, this market is not good, Sun Guojuan want to sell as soon as possible will be home to 4 acres of pear. "At 10:40 in the morning, there’s not much left (for sale). I’ll call my dad and get him to give me a little more. I got off the phone, and soon my dad drove an electric tricycle with the kids." Sun Guojuan recalls. Sun Guojuan’s daughter, 4 year old Sun Guojuan Junjun, usually out doing odd jobs or help dad sell pear, the children followed Grandpa at home. Send out the pear, the children go to the mother naturally follow grandpa pear stalls to see. Sun Guojuan recalls, when children grandfather driving electric tricycle, standing in the position of the steering wheel Jun Jun. "I saw my dad got off, when the child was standing in the same position as we turned a pear unloading time, I felt the car move, so I turned around, the electric car has been channeling out of the way……" Grandpa Sun Guojuan and child trot chased runaway cars, while chasing side tearing sound to shout: "Junjun handle cast, cast handle……" Could this prince has been completely covered off, went straight to the car rushed to the roadside ditch. More than 10 meters distance, no brakes, full blast impact. The electric car rollover on the roadside, the middle of a big tree Junjun squeezed in beside the car and. When Sun Guojuan and his father catch up, the child has lost consciousness shock. One family immediately fell into a panic, with no reaction Junjun to shout loudly. A few minutes later, prince opened his eyes, looked around the mother and grandfather said: "Mom, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was in trouble……" With his eyes closed again. Jun Jun in critical condition, breathing misery, Junjun was rushed to the Jianping Hospital in urgent need of referral for treatment, but doctors make Sun Guojuan a despair. Clavicle, rib fractures, bilateral lung contusion, hemothorax…… The most terrible is Junjun has begun breathing difficulties. In the local hospital’s suggestion, Junjun was transferred to the hospital in Shenyang. Shenyang, Jun Jun was taken directly to the ICU, more than and 10 days, Sun Guojuan curled up in the hospital corridor on the bench, when sleep will be have dizzy spells with a dream wake up with a smile, in the dream and Junjun no accident before, playing cheerfully call mother. In the hospital corridor, Sun Guojuan took out a hospital issued a disease.相关的主题文章: