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UnCategorized The challenge of reaching across to target customers and holding their attention span for a sufficient duration has always been a big one for marketers. In the past, it was relatively easier. People had the time and patience to look at print ads, banners and were also quite amenable to receiving direct mailers. That was due to the fact that this was the only way by which they could get to know about the various products and services. Dissemination of information was the key and when packaged attractively, it received positive responses. However with time and emergence of newer technologies, the modern consumer is no longer dependent on such favours and is in fact spoilt for choice when it .es to seeking information. They are now bombarded with information and marketing messages from all quarters such as cable television, print media, and internet and so on. Things reached such a pass that they became immune to these messages and began to ignore them totally. This prompted marketers to make use of technology and growing internet penetration/ EDI services to get the attention of their target customers. They could achieve that through email marketing services. As opposed to spending huge amount of money on visual advertising or taking the effort to send direct mailers, email as a medium of .munication proved to be very effective. It was quick and the costs involved were far lesser. Though it did not mean that you could do away with conventional advertising, you at least had an alternative now and customers could be influenced in a subtle manner using such .munication. You could reach across to a huge database of customers quickly and at negligible cost without being too aggressive in your approach. .pared to pesky telemarketing calls, this came as a relief to consumers who were open to such .munication as it gave them the liberty and flexibility of responding to such .munication. Studies conducted initially indicated that the sales conversion rates were pretty satisfactory through this medium. Customers found it easier to read the .munication at leisure and were either directed to a link where they made an online purchase or were happy to establish contact with the product or service .pany as per their needs. Unfortunately, even this method is now ineffective due to rampant misuse of the system. Spamming or spam mail has resulted in many customers now disregarding promotional emails and are pressing the delete button right away. Other security issues with regard to spyware, unscrupulous sharing of database and virus bearing emails have also .promised the effectiveness of this system to some extent. However, from the marketing perspective, email marketing services remains a very viable alternative. Changes to copy can be done quickly and sent across. You can also track responses from customers who have read the .munication separately and devise appropriate follow up marketing strategies for them. It indeed is a very wel.e innovation and if used with responsibility can be of great benefit to marketing .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: