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Motivation Weve all heard the term "CEO" for Chief Executive Officer or COO for Chief Operating Officer or maybe CFO for Chief Financial Officer. Yes, those are all titles that are typically used simply to give someone a feeling of significance or to define a persons status in a corporate pyramid. Im here to tell you that those titles are a waste of time. You dont need a title to prove who you are or to put limitations on your strengths or to confine you to societal opinions. The most important title that all entrepreneurs, business people, networkers, etc. must possess is SWE. What does that mean? Its simpleShare With Excitement. The key to financial freedom and life success is being .mitted to the daily, focused, action of sharing with excitement. Lets think about the word sharing for a minute. Many people say, I dont like to sell. Im not into sales. That is one objection that really irritates me, because each and every day you share something that you are excited about or something you exciting that youve heard from someone else. Thats what selling is about. In its deep core roots, selling is simply sharing. However, you must be .mitted to something you are excited about sharing. Thats why many people go broke when they take jobs that involve selling or marketing a product that they simply dont like or believe in. How can you be.e successful trying to push a product or service that you dont believe in? This is very different than selling a product or service that you love. When someone is excited about something, he can not keep his mouth shut. The excitement just pours out of his mouth. Its easy for him to sell, because hes simply sharing his passion about something that he believes in with all of his heart. Are you an SWE? Are you are sharing with excitement? When you .mit to being a SWE, your entire future will unfold at such a rapid pace. People will say things like Where did it .e from? How did you produce that kind of in.e? How did you earn your financial freedom? I though you were in sales. Its not your sales position that defines you or your success. If you are .mitted to sharing with excitement, nothing can stop you from achieving your Why in life. Its your responsibility to search around for a business you can be excited about. Dont take a job or try to market something that you know from the beginning that you dislike? It is your right to be excited about your business! You were born to be a Champion , and you have the right to be a Champion. So, live up to your potential and start sharing with excitement! If you .mit today to be.e a SWE, you will soon earn more than a CEO, a COO, and a CFO .bined because you are sharing with excitement and believe in yourself and your product. Go for it! Share like a maniac millionaire! Motivating Champions Wolrdwide! John Di Lemme About the Author: 相关的主题文章: