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Mobile-Cell-Phone Today when cellphones have received the mass acceptance, its features are not less popular. Some of its distinct characteristics would be phone directory, themes, ringtones, caller tunes, profiles, call registration etc. Presence of these facilities, depends upon the handset but one feature, which has been available in almost all the mobiles launched since beginning is SMS Messages. Sms means sending a typed message through a cellphone to the desired receiver. This is a cost effective feature of a mobile which helps the user to convey his message in a crisped manner. To send free sms messages, the user has to surf his phone directory, where he will have various options on the mobile screen, out of which one would be messages. As soon as the user opens this folder, he will have an option of ”create message”, by browsing on which he will be able type his message through keypads and send it to the receiver. Generally there are no charges levied to send an Sms or if charged, it would be few cents. The charges depend upon the number of words and alphabets used to send a message. Users are always advised to convey a message, in short for eg. I am Not .ing Tomorrow, can be typed as ”Im nt cmng tmrw”. After realizing the relevance of this feature, many .panies have flooded the market with unlimited Sms plans, which will facilitate the user to have a conversation through words at a reduced price. These plans are launched to create a distinct corporate identity or gain initial acceptance in the market. It can be easily availed through regular service providers , calling cards and some well known portals. Many service providers provide these plans, after receiving a written or verbal request from the users. They make changes in the present plan, which reflects in the monthly bill. There are many .panies who have introduced the facility of calling cards, which stimulates the user to make calls as well send free sms message in the absence of any barrier. As .pared to both of these mediums, acquiring this facility through Internet has be.e the need of an hour. There are many established players in the web world and one such is Youtring. .. All the information regarding various SMS Plans world wide would easily available on this portal. Some new offerings of Youtring are SMS starer pack, silver pack and gold pack so Send SMS from PC to mobile . In the starer pack the user will be able to send five hundred messages at five dollars, through silver pack the number of messages would increase to one thousand and ni.y nine at the rate of ten dollars. Finally the Gold pack would entitle him to send two thousand two hundred and fifty messages for mere twenty dollars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: