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Outdoors In .mon with most English people, I was caught off-guard by the freezing winter weather of 2009. I shall keep in mind December 17th specially well because, out of character for me, I was unready for the weather and the events of the day. I had spent the morning hiking, it was chilly and the 1st few snowflakes fell around the first part of the afternoon. I reside in Ingleton however had been walking around the stunning Ribblehead Valley, appreciating its famous viaduct. I went to the local watering hole for food and a crafty drink ahead of travelling home. Sadly by the point I had cleared my plate, there turned out to be just about 6 inches of snowfall. The bar is high in the peaks in Yorkshires Three Peaks and such unusually swift snowfall is known to take place. My auto at that period of time was a little hatchback, that’s far from fantastic in such weather so I soon was aware I had an issue. The by at this point crushed snow on the tarmac had swiftly taken on the consistency of ice. I saw that this had resulted in at least two cars sliding and stranded in the snow-covered moorland. At all times an optimist, I made my way to my hatchback, fired it up, put it in gear gradually but irrespective of my finest endeavours, it stirred only a couple of feet, to the rear. There was not much grip for the tyres in these kinds of conditions, so each time I tried to manoeuvre in the direction of the main road the small car simply slipped rearwards all over again. By this point it was getting late, the snow kept .ing and the sun was setting. So, having no other choice, I went back in to the pub to prepare myself for a herculean task; I was going to have to hike home. I had with me a high-visibility vest and a couple of cycle lights. They should make certain I would not be very slowly knocked down by an out-of-control car. On the other hand, because I had not planned to be out of doors for long, certainly not in snow and darkness I had not brought my decent jacket. I was wearing my typical rambling clothes of fleecy coat, rain proof outerjacket, military surplus trousers, robust boots and (fortunately) thick hosiery because the trip would be seven miles. It was rapidly obvious that this degree of gear wouldnt nearly be enough. I knew the proprietor of the inn and he provided me with a strong flashlight and also a cosy hat for the trip homeward. He in addition insisted on giving me a substantial measure of whiskey For good luck. And warmth. And so, thus gowned, I started my trip homeward. A point I learned about winter weather rambling is never to walk using the laid road, as this is a recipe for skidding and numerous injuries, stick to the verge at the roadside. This I found out the hard way when I fell on a slight slope and ended up sliding along. For the next few hours, I navigated the route along the valley, teeth banging so much I acquired a headache. My face stung with the freezing weather whats more I looked silly with my borrowed pink wooly bobble hat and bike lights strapped on with string. Eventually I stumbled into my local, Im told, looking like a cross between the Yeti and Father Christmas, so crimson were my cheeks. I recovered with the warmth and some traditional hot tea, a close friend offered to take me the rest of the way back home, for which I am forever grateful. His guidance stuck with me and I shall never it. Next time, pack a good jacket, just in case. Wise words indeed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: