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Who is the princess disease used to? Wayward wife away from home – Sohu lead: wife has a very serious Princess disease, often run away from home as usual. Wife, husband, regardless of whether the children regardless of the home, home to her normal, even Aoao preserved baby she is not in your heart.   five years ago, once back home, in the introduction of relatives, I and Xu Yun know. I’ve never been in love before, so I’m very serious about Xu Yun. After a period of understanding, I think she and her very appropriate, if not unexpected, I think she is my wife. She wasn’t interested in reading. She didn’t go to school early. She played at home all the time. Her parents were very fond of her, and did not ask her to get a job. After she fell in love with me, I spent most of my spending on it. I don’t care about it, just ask her to love me. Because of work, we must love far away. Sometimes I go back to work when I’m idle, and she never complains, and makes me feel like she’s so sweet. After marriage, she left her hometown and I together with the north, so I am very grateful to her, more responsive to her. When I was in love with each other, I didn’t know anything about each other. When I really got along, I began to understand that she was not for me. She was apparently parents spoiled, feel this is the center of the universe, listen to half a word " ". I occasionally have a loose tongue, saying a little salty potato, she immediately picked up the dishes all the bathwater, if I talked a word, then she broke the dish. She often for some trivial and I got general turmoil, to family harmony, always let her coax her. At first, I thought it was not easy for her to come alone for me, and she didn’t care about it. But for a long time, I also have emotions, I will also become impatient. Soon after, Xu Yun became pregnant and became more arrogant at home. My parents came to live with us in order to take care of her. But parents come here, totally ", ", life. Xu Yun was at home when the overlord, who dare not to follow her, she not only got to look at, would move back to her family. " bilateral relations " gradually tense up. Several times, is me all the way for " " go back, go back home, this just forget about it. Time, I feel more and more that marriage is a wrong decision, but now the child is about to be born, I want to go back too late. After the birth of a child, Xu Yun didn’t do her consciousness, or self-centered, so long as they are not satisfactory, regardless of the child, she no matter I, regardless of the home, home to her normal, even Aoao preserved baby she is not in your heart. How do I marry such a wife, what should I do in the future? 公主病到底是谁惯的?任性娇妻离家出走-搜狐  导语:妻子有很严重的公主病,经常将离家出走当日常。妻子不管孩子、不管丈夫、不管这个家,离家出走成了她的常态,甚至连嗷嗷待脯的婴儿她也不放在心上。     五年前,一次回老家,在亲戚的介绍下,我和徐芸认识了。我在此前从来没谈过恋爱,所以对待徐芸,我是非常认真的。经过一段时间的了解,我觉得自己和她非常合适,如果不出意外,我觉得她就是我的妻子。   她对读书不感兴趣,很早就没有上学,整天在家闲玩。她父母对她十分宠爱,没有要求她找份工作。她和我谈恋爱后,大部分开销都是我在承担。我并不介意这些,只求她真心爱我一人就好。   由于工作的关系,我们必须远距离恋爱。有时,我工作闲下来就会回去看她,而她从来没有抱怨,让我觉得她很贴心。结婚后,她离开家乡和我一起北上,为此我十分感谢她,对她更加有求必应。   以前隔着距离恋爱,对彼此的性情并不了解,真正相处之时我开始慢慢明白,她并不适合我。她显然是被父母惯坏了,觉得自己就是宇宙的中心,听不得半个"不"字。我偶尔嘴快,说了句土豆有点咸,她立马端起盘子就全部倒掉,我若多劝半个字,接着盘子就被她摔碎了。她常常为了一些小事闹得鸡飞狗跳,而我为了家庭和谐,总是让着她、哄着她。   一开始我觉得她为了我只身过来,挺不容易的,凡是也就没有计较。可是时间长了,我也有情绪,我也会变得不耐烦。不久,徐芸就怀孕了,在家更加嚣张。我父母为了照顾她,也过来和我们一起住。   可父母到这边,完全过着"水深火热"的生活。徐芸简直在家里要当太上皇了,谁敢说句不顺着她的话,她不仅当下就给脸色看,还动不动跑回娘家。"双边关系"逐渐紧张起来。好几次,都是把我千里迢迢"电招"回去,亲自去娘家接回来,这才作罢。   时间一场,我越来越觉得当初结婚就是个错误的决定,可如今孩子快要出生了,我想反悔也来不及了。孩子出生后,徐芸一点没有做母亲的自觉,还是以自我为中心,只要自己不顺心,她不管孩子、不管我、不管这个家,离家出走成了她的常态,甚至连嗷嗷待脯的婴儿她也不放在心上。我怎么娶了这样一个老婆,我今后该怎么办?相关的主题文章: