Good bye bye bye! Hangzhou to meet the good weather coreldraw快捷键大全

Good bye bye bye! Hangzhou welcome the good weather a few days ago, Hangzhou in Lille Hangzhou rain fog weather photo, a kind of a day. Fortunately, the beginning of 27, and finally two sunny weather. The 27 day is good weather temperature increases slowly. Happily, "the weather one day a kind" in Hangzhou, 27 days will readily open the sun. Hangzhou Meteorological Bureau said, 27, 28 days are sunny to cloudy weather, the maximum temperature of 12-13 degrees C (). The two day the sun will be relatively good, suitable for everyone to bask in the wash. For those who say "home have saved a week clothes without washing" friends, tomorrow just wash a. The next few days the weather is also very good, to remove the "good times don’t last long" hat. At the end of the two days to enjoy the fine weather, the night of 29 although there will be a short rain weather process, but have a good sleep, from November 30th to December 2nd for three days, and in cloudy weather, the highest temperature at 12-14 deg.. See this temperature, think of the first two days never climbed up to the temperature of the two digits, just listen to feel warm. Sweet scented osmanthus also laicourenao into small beautiful early winter is sunny rain this weekend, half half, want to go out of the friend, want to go where? Netizen "small grass" to share with you this winter little better, he sent a card in 19 upstairs: Although this few cold is not decent, but north of the city on the river bridge Yijin has opened 8 osmanthus fragrance exudes be in full swing. Is this the legendary "laurel"? We sent the photo to the Hangzhou botanical garden osmanthus expert Chen Xiaoling looked, really is the four seasons". Four seasons is very easy, in addition to too cold or too hot will not open, other times are likely to open, this season, still open osmanthus, it belongs to the four seasons. Hangzhou currently has four main varieties of sweet scented osmanthus group, Kim, Yingui, osmanthus, Osmanthusfragrans; otherwise small dozens of varieties. Kim Yingui and Osmanthusfragrans is not so big, go is pretty cute route. "Like such a big bridge Yijin line, it should be long quite a long time." Where is the most prosperous of the four seasons? It is Sweet osmanthus rain at Manjuelong park. A staff member of Sweet osmanthus rain at Manjuelong Park, garden of osmanthus, Osmanthusfragrans accounted for 13, this time really was pretty good.相关的主题文章: